Corporate Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Corporate Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is the recruiter to recruit.
John is one of the best recruiters, we have on the corporate team.
John is the best of the best when it comes to recruitment.
He gets it and wants to go beyond merely recruiting.
He knows how to get the most out of his recruiters.
John was an excellent recruiter and we were sorry to lose him to the world of corporate recruiting.
He is one of the few recruiters who really understand the meaning of recruitment.
He is the type of recruiter you recruit, and always gives more than expected.
John was our most progressive recruiter that we had in our recruiting group.
He knows the recruiting process and knows what recruiters look for.
John handles all of the recruiting for us and even recruited me.
John is the kind of recruiter you wish all recruiters were like.
John is the perfect recruiter for all your recruitment needs.
John is an extraordinary recruiter and recruitment leader.
This is a recruiter truly understands recruiting.
If John is either recruiting for you or you're being recruited, he is one of the best.
In my years of corporate recruiting, I have worked with many recruiters.
I have been recruited by John and also to help me recruited others.
I wish more recruiters took John's approach to recruiting.
I have used John both to recruit people and to be recruited.
I would certainly use John again if I was looking to recruit or be recruited.
He also knows an awful lot about recruitment, recruiters and recruitment technology.
John is the best recruiter, I've ever worked with, both in been recruited by him, and by working with him to recruit new hires.
Anybody looking to recruit or be recruited in marketing couldn't ask for any more but ask for John.
Working with him again would be beyond ideal - he would be one of the first to recruit.
John always knew exactly what he was doing throughout the corporate recruitment process.
John one of the most professional corporate recruiters with whom we have worked.
John was one of my favorite corporate recruiters and he will be missed.
He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates.
He is always there if you need any kind of help regarding recruitment.
I really would recommend going to him for all of your recruitment needs.
'Definitely one of the better recruitments who knows what they are doing.
That makes him truly unique in my experience with corporate recruiting.
I have also used him for recruitment and again he does not disappoint.
He was the first recruiter who went out of his way to get me employed.
John is one of the most thorough recruiters you will ever come across.
He is very creative and gives value beyond that of other recruiters.
He was always there for me and others when we had recruited needs.
He always seemed to be one step ahead of all the other recruiters.
He really does the little things that other recruiters miss out on.
John isn't just one of the best recruiters around, he is an artist.
Look no further, he's the only recruiter you'll ever need to call.
He'll always be my recruiter, wherever he happens to be working.
John is definitely one of the best in the recruiting profession.
John is the example to which other recruiters should be held.
I value his counsel above all others when it comes to recruiting.
Many of our employees say the same thing, after being recruited.
I don't think you can say much that is best about a recruiter.
I have been associated with him for many successful recruitments.
I will look forward to using him to recruit for my own company.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for recruits.
He is also responsible for recruiting our corporate employees.
John would be an asset to any corporation's recruiting team.
I will look forward to recruiting for him again in the near future.
John has an excellent understanding of corporate recruiting.
John will always be one of my little go-to recruiting suppliers.
I've used other recruiters and have not had the same results.
John is one of the few recruiters who truly knows his field.
He's exactly what recruiters look for out of their leader.
I would definitely recommend using him as your recruiter.
He started as his corporate recruiter, but did much more than was expected while in that position.
John is an experienced recruiter with both agency and corporate background.
John delivers everything you look for from a good corporate recruiter.
He's always responsive and on top of his needs a corporate recruiter.
He is a seasoned recruiter who has had a successful career in corporate recruiting
John truly understands the recruitment process and how to support corporate recruitment.
John is very knowledgeable about all aspects of corporate recruiting.
His recruiting expertise is covering the most corporate functions.
As a recruiter he cares about him candidates as well as the corporation.
John served as the corporate recruiter for our company, and found him several viable candidates.
John came to our company from an agency, with no prior corporate recruiting experience.
He brings an entrepreneurial spirit to corporate recruiting functions.
Our company has been his first step into corporate recruiting and John has been instrumental to his success.
John would be a well acquired asset to any recruitment organization either agency or corporation
John possesses a wealth of recruiting experience from agency to corporate.
John's experience as a recruiter is an invaluable part of any corporation.
John and his agency are a dream come true for a corporate recruiter.
He is smart, talented, outgoing and understands corporate recruiting inside and out.
He has an excellent reputation with customers, corporations and recruiters alike.
He is vital to the restructuring and centralizing of the corporate recruiting team.
John is committed to both his corporate clients and to the talent he recruits.
John transferred into corporate recruiting and picked up the trade without a problem.
John maintains an excellent relationship between the recruiter, the recruiting organization and the candidate.
He gets what recruiting is all about and really knows how to partner with a recruiter to hire the best possible staff.
He can get down into the nitty-gritty that many corporate recruiters shy away from simply because they don't have the agency experience.
He has a way of connecting with an individual, which explains why he is such a good corporate recruiter.
His attention to detail when recruiting individuals for a corporation are second to none.
John's experience in both agency and corporate recruitment has grown him into a versatile recruiter that will be an asset to any team he joins.
As our corporate recruiter, he has to be able to multi-task and keep organized which he does very well.
He has the perfect blend of agency staffing and corporate recruiting experience.