Corporate Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Corporate Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows how to manage both up and down the corporate ladders and is very smart.
He has vast experience with specific sales methodology, sales funnel management.
John has always excelled in both direct sales and sales management due to his attention to detail and corporate objectives.
John is one of a kind and would be a welcome addition in any sales corporation.
He prides himself in corporate values and truly shines in his sales expertise.
John easily took on the new challenges that were given to us from our managers and corporate, and succeeded.
He was more than my immediate manager; he mentored me in corporate culture.
John was the ideal manager for my first venture into the corporate world.
He managed to establish a corporate look for all our companies.
During that time he delivered unprecedented response and sales for the corporation.
John gave an outstanding talk at our recent corporate sales meeting.
John managed very effectively through both excellent and trying corporate times.
John was my direct manager in two different multinational corporations.
Him the ability to manage through corporate politics has been impressive.
He was smart and didn't regard the sales department as any corporate enemy.
He has great empathy for the sales people as he was in the corporate side.
John is brilliant at sales enablement and corporate training.
John also understands the corporate hierarchy and what upper management needs to see for them to be successful.
The methods he covers can be used by entrepreneurs, corporate managers or cause backers.
He can manage the red tape often seen in large corporations and get things done.
The John transition from college to corporate world was smooth under his management.
He is strongly recommended for positions in higher corporate management.
John has a management style that should be emulated in every corporation.
John is highly knowledgeable considerate and great at sales in the corporate area.
John managed the corporate sales team and in a short space of a few months, he had brought positive momentum in the sales revenue with his dedication to sales management and people.
He acquired corporate clients and managed them very satisfactorily.
He was very good at motivating reluctant or poor performing sales reps and their managers in achieving the corporate sales goals.
He then built out messaging and positioning for sales presentation and corporate collateral.
He was highly sought after by sales people and sales managers for coaching and mentorship.
John shows true leadership with his team and around corporate sales.
John has always managed himself very well through every stage of a complex sales cycle, whether to large corporate or smaller organisations.
John's previous sales and sales management experience serve him well as a subject matter expert.
He was a sales representative and was quickly promoted to sales manager.
He was a salesperson's sales manager - very helpful in strategizing on challenging sales situations.
John is the type of manager any corporation will love to have running their department(s).
His reputation within the corporation made my job managing the division easier.
He has earned the respect of his teams and corporate management.
He has been recognized by corporate management numerous times for his talents as a manager.
John's steady guidance directly helped me achieve both sales and corporate goals.
John was one of my first managers in the corporate world and he taught me loads about balance and teamwork.
John accomplishes this while being very considerate of corporate budgets and management expectations.
He has a firm but kind management style, and was liked and look up to by everyone in the corporation.
He was essential in helping us manage expectations with influential corporate stakeholders.
During this merger the corporate identity changed and he managed that in conjunction.
John had the ability to manage the big picture and desires of corporate needs.
John does not only know the corporate sales environment's psychology and its unique challenges well.
He has vast experience and ability to manage a corporate sales at executive management levels.
He has the unique gift of of making the seemingly inaccessible very accessible, particularly when it comes to sales techniques and sales leadership in the corporate culture.
He is actively involved in the sales process which is rare among managers in large corporations.
His strengths have, through the years, seen him through many corporate challenges to which he has managed well.
He managed to keep his entrepreneurial spirit despite or maybe because of years of corporate experience.
John is an excellent salesperson and knowledgeable corporate manager.
I have seen him emerge from a good sales manager to the good corporate person.
John is an excellent manager with strong corporate vision, and gives as much of himself as he expects of his employees.
He was attentive to the individual area's needs while managing corporate-wide expectations.
His unit manages all tariffs for consumers and corporate subscribers.
John excelled managing budgets and achieving corporate objectives.
Being a sales driven, he keeps his sights on corporate goals and strives to achieve them.
He works very well in partnership with sales organizations, and with all other corporate departments.
He can be trusted to manage any customer situation or corporate sales team.