Corporate Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Corporate Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I heard he is the most non-corporate corporate guy there is and it is true.
John we will be better friends even we are not in the same corporation.
John always went above and beyond the corporate expectations.
John has been a dedicated corporate trainer always willing to help others achieve their goals.
His humility, courage and authenticity differentiate him from the typical corporate trainer.
John is a master trainer; he has trained some of the best corporate trainers in the country.
He was from the start very cooperative and willing to see things from our perspective.
The best thing about him is that he is very committed to his corporate deliverables.
I wish him all the best in his further journey of this corporate leadership.
I wish to have the opportunity to corporate with him again in the future.
John is committed to getting to the right answer for the corporation.
He has gone over and beyond and is an asset to any corporation.
He is energetic and makes our corporation better by being there.
John be looking forward to see you climb the corporate ladder.
I would recommend him for any position within any corporation.
John was our corporate trainer in several training sessions recently and he was amazing.
John is one of the best motivational speaker, writer and corporate trainer.
John is an established international corporate trainer of the highest caliber.
John knows who to partner with at corporate to get things done.
John is very considerate to not only the corporations needs, but even more so the individual being considered.
He's taken the initiative on several occasions to help us with our corporate needs and has always delivered.
He has the guts to think beyond the box and that is something we don't always see in the corporate world.
John corporation would be blessed to have him and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Invite him to help you with your corporate dreams and he will help you make it into a reality.
He challenged and made his corporate counterparts better by never taking no for an answer.
Definitely, any corporation will find themselves fortunate to take him under their wing.
There never has been a chance, his profile was ever let down by any of the corporate.
John is very passionate about the responsibility of corporations to better society.
This sets him apart as someone quite out of the ordinary in the corporate world.
John is an outstanding individual both inside and outside the corporate world.
He not only get you results, but he will do it with class and corporate polish.
It is no surprise to me that he is where he is today in the corporate world.
His dedication and loyalty to the corporation and its needs are unsurpassed.
Along with this, he provided us with tips to sustain in the corporate world.
John has always been focused on the outcome determined by the corporation.
If you could bottle him up and sell him, corporations would make millions.
As he goes up and up in the corporate ladder, we see in awe and disbelief.
You could tell that it was genuine and that he was not a corporate puppet.
John helped us find our corporation and handled everything perfectly.
We would also like to emphasize his commitment and corporate patriotism.
John the way you are bringing compassion back into the corporate world.
Somehow he combines the best of both worlds, spiritual and corporate.
Yahoo (or any corporation) is very, very, very fortunate to have him.
He was particularly strong in corporate sponsorship and partnerships.
Johns encouragement of this 'corporate citizenship' is commendable.
He is always being an "added value" to any corporation that he joins.
He is also very mature and understands the corporate environment.
Wish him all the best in a quest to make it big in the corporate world.
If you are looking for a corporate storyteller, you've found him.
John's not known as the ultimate corporate matchmaker for nothing.
Last but not the least, he is a one man army in terms of corporate.
John has been ever the entrepreneur, even in a corporate environment.
He has an extraordinary vision of the future of our corporation.
John recently helped us out with our corporate website relaunch.
He is very updated about the happenings of the corporate world.
John is excellent at sustainability and corporate governance.
He has a priceless value to his teammates and the corporation.
As my corporation grew, he would make very helpful suggestions.
John is one of those corporate gems we are all searching for.
John knows and understands the 'corporate way' extremely well.
John is a visionary and would truly be as asset to any corporation.
John thoroughly understands how to sell the corporate enterprise.
His experience in the corporate environment is a great advantage as compared to other trainers.
Highly recommend his role as a corporate trainer and looking ahead for many more training sessions.