Correctional Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Correctional Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John could guess what was happening in the office and he was correct.
And not only did he know the answers; he saw to it they were corrected.
He would make sure everything was there and with the correct grammar.
He chose the correct paint for his office that would be easy to clean and maintain.
John can also "sense" when things aren't going as well as they could be and makes swift course corrections.
He makes himself available for questions and is willing to help when corrections need to happen.
He is helpful and he did what was more right rather than what could be politically correct.
John made sure we stayed on course and provided the necessary corrections when necessary.
Occasionally, he can be very firm but he's almost always correct in his assessment.
He said the only thing children are looking for is connected and not a correction
Plus, he knows better than anyone the correct preposition to use with "insight".
John doesn't afraid to say when things are bad and they should be corrected.
The ability to see things beyond them allows him to take correct decisions.
Sudha also clarifies things to make sure that his understanding incorrect
He keeps it simple; that you can self correct yourself on the course.
He will even let you know if your commas are, in the, correct place.
John always seemed to know the correct balance of help and enablement.
He knows how and most importantly, when to ask the correct questions.
He's not afraid to try new things and course correct along the way.
When we faltered, he allowed us to make the necessary corrections.
If you need something done fast and correct, he is the one for you.
His review was thorough and all corrections were clearly explained.
John can see this and correct the course well before issues arise.
This allows him to make decisions that are truly correct for him.
He himself is very correct in following up on agreements made.
He questions things to be sure they are accurate and correct.
John says he is not the typical our company and he is correct.