Cost Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Cost Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His understanding of complex cost models and his expertise in cost accounting is second to none.
He holds people accountable and is extremely fair in that accountability.
His solutions are well thought out, cost effective, and he is very accountable.
His decisions are always well thought out, logical and take into account the cost associated with his decisions.
Within the first year, this accountant has cost him tens of thousands of dollars.
John is a very strong contributor to our cost accounting group.
John inspires others to be leaders, to take accountability and to do what is right no matter the cost.
Since then he has helped with everything from selecting key vendors to accounting and cost forecasting.
John, at no cost to him, cleared up an issue created by an our company accounting mistake.
More than once he has defeated his acumen in revenue forecasting and cost accounting.
This is now the standard of application and host cost accounting at our company.
He presented himself quite well and it was obvious that he has a strong understanding of cost accounting.
He does this by empowering his people through ownership and accountability.
But no surprise - and how many people know this - he majored in accounting.
He knows how to keep people accountable so that they make real progress.
Second, he holds people accountable, yet wants everyone to succeed.
He gave us a good comparison of the options available by taking into account various rebates and other costs.
His experience and insight with cost accounting conventions and methods is rivaled by few.
He constantly tracks the performance of both deliverables and costs and pushes accountability.
Always pro-active on his account and making cost effective suggestions.
John performed his cost accounting accurately and professionally.
He understands the clients needs and respects the parameters especially on account of costs and time.
John knows accountancy inside out, especially freelance media.
Not only did he help with the cost of our service, but he also helped us consider cost charge back accounting for applications running on top.
He held him as a supplier accountable, but also held himself and his people accountable to very high standards.
He holds his vendors accountable and works to reduce costs wherever possible.