Cost Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Cost Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only that, but all of this has been done in his own time and at his own cost.
John stood out as the most capable cost analyst in his group of peers.
Use him, use him, use him as - in his words - just think how much it may cost you through not using him.
He did this at no cost to himself, and certainly his time was more valuable.
Him costs are always the best, and the results are never disappointing.
In his experience and for the cost, there are no better providers.
He always ensures the words given by him are kept at any cost.
He never let us down and kept the company alive at all costs.
If you're looking at learning his techniques, do it, at any cost.
John is one of the few guys around who you can trust to both deliver what he says he will and to back you up at all costs.
John does what is best for the entire organization, even at the cost of his own interests.
John will always do the right thing, even if it costs him, time, money, or approval.
If he says he is going to do something he does it right, at a fair cost, and timely.
John gets it done right first time, on time and at the lowest possible cost.
He doesn't try to forcibly sell something to you or sell you at all cost.
John finds ways to get things done, and keep costs low at the same time.
He's always looking for opportunities, improvements or cost reductions.
John always gets things done - even under severe time and cost pressure.
Instead, he is very forthright about timing, costs, and capabilities.
He definitely added value to his organization at an affordable cost.
He listens, makes appropriate recommendations and is cost effective.
He makes it painless and it will be worth many times the cost.
He knows the landscape of who's out there, what they offer, and how much things cost.