Cost Estimator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Cost Estimator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows what he is doing, and when you tell him what you are trying to accomplish, he gets it done, before the deadline, and under the estimated cost.
From there he provided accurate timelines and cost estimates.
His cost consciousness allows him to always reach the target at the minimum cost.
A conservative estimate would place his cost savings in the several millions.
His estimates both in terms of timing and cost were consistently accurate.
His ability to analyze costs and estimate results is extraordinary.
He can be given with any responsibility; he will accomplish it at any cost.
He will help you figure out what you need and how to do it cost effectively.
He understands the cost of doing something right vs. just enough for now.
He didn't have to do this, and it cost him money out of his own pocket.
He gets that cost is often the at the forefront of what we are doing.
He gives to others, however he can, no matter the cost to himself.
If they're smart, they'll be sure to hold on to him at any cost.
Anyone who has followed his scholar should be hired at any cost.
Always there to contribute his bit and help others at any cost.
His costs are very reasonable and he is entirely trustworthy.
John can help you get the most out of our company for the least cost and without the headaches.
John in his estimation would be an asset to any organization.
He checks out avenues for reducing cost and has given excellent cost saves.
By retaining him you will always receive far more value than cost.
John's input was provided well within the target completion date and his cost estimations were very accurate.
He could be counted on to deliver whatever he as assigned and to do it at lower cost than planned estimates.
He is thorough in his inspection and the actual cost was the exact estimate he gave us.
John also provided us with exactly what we needed for exactly what we expected it to cost without any surprises.
It would have taken him hours to try and do this himself, and it would have likely cost him more money in euros
You can always count on him and be sure he'll reach his deadlines whatever it may cost.
He also will tell you when you should not do a particular deal even though it costs him.
Virge's suggestion was that we cut him so we wouldn't lose others who were lower cost.
The cost is very reasonable and there has never been an issue he could not remedy.
He always got the message and was very cost efficient in getting new subscribers.
When he tells you something, he follows through, no matter the cost or obligation.
His recommendations were bang-on our needs and the cost was more than reasonable.
He always comes up new ideas of doing things and often quite cost effective way.
His cost was also substantially better than even the less qualified candidates.
If you get the chance to hire him, do it, whatever it costs, whatever it takes.
He always clearly identifies all the costs so there are never any hidden fees.
And the best thing was his recommendations aren't going to cost him a fortune.
He also strives to be the most impactful while being most cost effective.
Quick witted and thorough in his approach, he will succeed at all costs.
He always keeps in his mind the cost and profitability of the innovation.
He always looks for ways to get us what we need at a cost we can afford.
John's recommendations are always the most efficient and cost effective.
He ensures that the appropriate coverage is in place at the best cost.
John provided fabulously thorough help at a really reasonable cost.
To an economist, value means he contributed much more than he cost.
John always comes through, very quickly with cost effective ideas.
His next boss will be lucky that we are having to reduce our costs.
John's course was enjoyable, comprehensive and cost efficient.
He came through with flying colors and was very cost effective.
He will always find you the best coverage at a very low cost.
John is always very tuned into cost and watched the closely.
In doing so, he is able to create partnerships without costs.
His brother can't believe how low his heating costs have been.
The costings he gave were within the range we were expecting.
John first contacted him to help conduct an analysis of costs.