Counter Person Performance Review Phrases Examples

Counter Person Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

On the personal front a friendly and nice person is what explains his personality.

John also is the type person who can adjust his personality to get along well with others.

He is personal, engaging and is one person who you can turn to with confidence when something needs to be done properly.

He is personable, persistent, objective, smart, and overall an amazing person.

John is an exceptional smart person who is very practical and personable.

I also found him to be a very straightforward person and a person who gets along very well with people.

Also went out of his way to make the connections personal, including connecting people in person.

John is wonderful at capturing people's personalities and their personal flare.

John is the embodiment of a people person and has an infectious personality.

John is a very respectable person thanks to his great leadership and friendly personality.

He will not only find the person with the right qualifications, but the right attitude and personality for a particular requirement.

John is an enthusiastic person, he is the kind of person to motivate you start to finish.

He is the type of person that you want to work with, not only because he knows what he's doing, but because he knows how to be successful while still having a personality.

His personality allows him to be very much a people person as he treated everyone with respect and patience.

His personal style is gentleman like and he is an interested and people oriented person.

He's definitely a people person, and has an unbelievable wonderful, warm personality.

His compassion and easy going personality make him a natural people person.

John is also someone who interacts with all persons within the company.

During that time, for me personally, he has become an example to follow.

He is very mature and personable, so my dealings with him have also been enjoying at a personal level.

John is an extremely personable person who can get the best out of a team and is an excellent person to work with.

Loves to get to know people and help them, however he can either personally or professionally.

John is one of the rare few people who go out of their way to help another person.

John is well thought of by myself and our peers, he is often the go to person.

John is the person that people go to when they really need something done.

John is personable and brilliant and goes above and beyond to help people.

This would not have been possible without somebody like him, a people person.

John has this pleasant personality who is always looking to help people.

John is definitely one of those persons who knows how to encourage people.

He is an encouraging person who wants to see the best come out in people.

John also has the advantage that he is very personable - people like him.

John is an incredible person, personable, engaging and really has a passion for his job.

He is one of the most reliable person because he always goes above and beyond to get things done right the first time.

John was and is very well respected and personally liked his colleagues across the company.

He can keep all different types of person engaged and can adapt his style to suit all personality types.

Highlights also requires his personal attitude: fairness, personal culture, respect for others.

He is great at what he does and is a people-person and people are drawn to him personality.

John was also very enjoyable to work with, is very personable and has the personality and skill sets to be successful in any situation.

His dynamic personality is just one of the many incredible characteristics that made and makes him such a special person.

John is a very sharp, intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable person.

He is a person with great perseverance and strong will to counter the challenges posed.

He is a self motivated person, lot of initiatives and cooperative person.

He's also just a happy person with great personal values, and who doesn't want to surround themselves with people like that?.

John is an outstanding example of a people person, he is a personable and hardworking individual.

He is extremely personable and an effective communicator which makes him a great people person.

John is a true people person and will always put the person at the heart of everything he does.

He is a people person which makes him a very comfortable person to approach on any matter.

John is a people person with a great personality and fantastic insight.

I've personally learnt a lot from him professionally as well as personally.

Not only that, he is personable and will always take the time to answer those questions.

He would take the time to get to know everyone in the company and chat with each person.

John was also very entertaining and personable and really kept the audience engaged.

John is the person you can count on to ask the right questions at the right time.

John is personable, engaging, entertaining and knows really knows his stuff.

John is very personable, listens to the brief, meets the needs and delivers.

All of this, he does with an infectious enthusiasm and engaging personality.

I liked how he kept everyone engaged and played to each person's strengths.

I personally will miss his guidance, his leadership and also our friendship.

We've collaborated several times now and he's so friendly and personable.

John is a very thorough person and does his best to meet his commitments.