Courage Performance Review Phrases Examples

Courage Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only does he have courage in himself, he wants to instill that courage in other people.
John also has the courage to say what needs to be said, regardless of the circumstances.
He has courage to not back down from doing the right thing and is very encouraging.
John has the courage to try new things-especially when it comes to technology.
More than anything else it has given him the courage to be him in his business.
He has the courage to do and say the right thing even if it is unpopular.
Not only that, but he was courageous enough to tell him when it wasn't.
And he makes you believe that following him there isn't just the courageous choice, it's the only choice.
He knows what he wants and he will use all his courage to make it happen in the best possible way.
He is also courageous, taking opportunities as they come along unlike many who say they do - he does.
He has been quite meticulous in anything he does and has courage to try many things in life.
John has made several difficult changes that others did not have the courage to see through.
He has the courage to do things his way - or to create the way if it doesn't yet exist.
He has the courage of his convictions and always did what was right for the business.
He always had the courage to take on new ventures where others would not dare.
He says the tough things that others think but don't have the courage to say.
He has courage to be an advocate for what was right, but not always popular.
John has the courage to make the changes that will improve the organization.
He has enough courage and professionalism to do what he does in his twenty.
It was more about motivating him to have the courage to take the next step.
This is just one example of his vision and courage to make things happen.
At the same our company he had the courage to do what others dare not even try.
He will help you believe in yourself and find the courage to keep going.
John leads courageously and he is at his best when he is under pressure.
Creativity and courage made him distinct from the others in the class.
He knows what the right questions are and has the courage to ask them.
He has the courage to make things right, not just smooth things over.
In his talk, he had the courage to allow himself to become vulnerable.
He gives you the courage to try different things and succeed in them.
John has the courage to go beyond the unknown to get things done.
John has the insight and courage to tell you want, you need to hear.
For him that was having the courage to stick with your convictions.
He is very courageous and never hesitates to make the next step.
John's name is like his personality, about strength and courage.
He then had the courage and fortitude to see it through to the end.
He has the courage and vision to look beyond the here and now.
He's courageous and is not afraid of taking on new challenges.
He knows what everyday courage means, he is courageous and he portrays courage to those who connect with him.