Creative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very creative, whether this be his own creativity or to follow creative direction.
John is up there with the best of them when it comes to creative.
He is always willing to help in any way and is very creative.
Su-Lyn also is very creative and when his creative streak flows, we are all the better for his creativity.
John is creative and his creativity enables him to our company well with other creative people.
While he is very creative, he also knows how to leverage others for even more creative ideas.
He is very creative, and, unlike most creatives, he is very willing to share his knowledge.
John is a creative, but he doesn't believe that being so, is the domain of 'creatives'.
He is very creative and this rubs off on other people to become more creative.
His creation is always more creative than you'd ever think humanly possible.
He's creative, and excellent at following through with his creative ideas.
He doesn't limit your creativity, he pushes you to be more creative.
John definitely lives up to the 'creative' in creative director.
He's very creative and fosters creativity from those around him.
He is creative and able to help others access their creativity.
John always got us to think more creatively about how we could do things better for clients.
He always went above and beyond to help anyone and his creativity was well appreciated.
He has very creative and truly got the best out of each and every one of his reps.
Scoop him up while you can, creatives like this don't come around often enough.
John has always been on time, did what he said he will do, had been created
He always seemed to know what was next, creatively, but also strategically.
John is very creative and went above and beyond the needs of his clients.
He is so creative that he knows what we want and need better than we do.
He does what he says he will do, with all of his wisdom and creativity.
Every now and again you get to our company with someone who is truly creative.
John really knows what he is talking about when it comes to creativity.
He is very creative, always willing to try new things and trustworthy.
John has always been there for us, with creative help when most needed.
John is creative, thorough, and knows what he is doing in our company.
He is never afraid to try something different and think creatively.
Last but not least, he is creative and think always out of the box.
He is creative, and definitely someone that you'd want on your team.
John will never say no, instead he comes up with creative solutions.
He always comes up with something very fitting, as well as creative.
He can be very creative and always makes us ask the right question.
He also goes beyond expectations and knows how to think creatively.
That's probably because he is actually quite the creative himself.
He truly knows how to get everyone involved and is very creative.
Resourceful, creative, he is always willing to take on challenges.
He is creative and he does so much more than just get finance.
He is the creative and looking forward in all of his projects.
He can definitely think outside the box and be very creative.
He is very particular about him, our company and very creative.
He also knows how to make value with his creative our company.
His creativity is topped only by him snark, and that in turn makes him creative our company that much more creative.
He is creative in a way that gets measurable results rather than being creative for creative's sake.
John has always been very conscientious, very thorough and very creative.
John is everything you are looking for in freelance, creative, or just creative design alone for that matter.
He is very creative whilst also looking at the broader impact the creative needs to have for the brand.
He went beyond the creative brief in trying to understand the client and their creative objectives.
With him, you get all the creative firepower without the creative indulgence or self-centeredness.
He is not only exceptionally creative, but expresses his creativity across several mediums.
John is especially creative and that creativity contributed directly to the team's success.
Creatively, he is not just about mindless exploration and creativity for creativity's sake.
John is very creative and leverages his creativity to be innovative at whatever he does.
Being very creative himself, he also recognizes the importance of the creative process.
He is very creative and whenever given the chance, he can really push creative bounds.
Not only did he take creative direction well, he also brought creativity to the show.
John is very creative, but also understands the technology behind his creative ideas.
He is creative and knows how to translate that creativity into effective campaigns.