Creative Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a great designer with an eye not only for creative design but also for the process.
He delivers solid, creative designs that meet the objectives as specified in the creative brief.
John's attention to detail, creativity, and passion for design stood out far beyond other designers at the time.
John's approach to cinematic design was always with originality and creativity.
He was so motivated and creative in the workouts he designed for me.
He was competent and creative in his design and approach to the issues.
He was very creative, thorough and knowledgeable in guiding the overall design.
Copywriters and designers become better creative just working with him.
I wish more designers had his creativity, sensibility, and intelligence.
John seeks out new challenges and inspires young designers to achieve greater heights in creativity and design.
John is a creative designer who understands the balance between design vision and commerciality.
John is a creative designer, always finding creative solutions for his work.
He comes up with creative solutions to problems that might stymie other designers.
He has such passion for design and is very creative with the ideas he provides.
He is very creative in identifying opportunities and designing solutions.
John is a very creative designer who really listens to what his clients needs are before even beginning to start with the creative.
John is extremely knowledgeable and an expert at creative ideas and turning them into creative designs.
John has great design sense, and designs with the end-user in mind- a difficult thing to do for someone who's also so creative.
John is a detail oriented creative designer who has an eye for what makes successful design collateral.
John is an extraordinarily fast and thorough designer, but still allows him creativity to shine through the deadlines.
I appreciate his creativity and the way he really listens and delivers designs based off needs and suggestions.
John always came up with the most amazing, creative, and beautiful designs that far surpassed my imagination.
He is one of the "cultural creatives" who will contribute to the design of the new "sustainability" paradigm.
Meeting deadlines is never an issue for him and on top of that not losing his creativity in his design.
It is also exciting to see that his creative capabilities reach out beyond design and into photography.
He added value to my ideas with his own creative suggestions about the look and design of the site.
He never got stubbornly tied to his designs (something you see all too often in creative positions).
John is an exceptional designer and has the ability to be creative and think outside of the box.
First of all, he has an incredible "eye" and an innate creativity and understanding of design.
We've been so impressed with his creativity, inspiring designs and his exceptional standards.
John has an eye for spectacular design techniques and his creativity is second to none.
His creativity and attention to designs and color is by far, nothing short of phenomenal.
He constantly searches for new inspiration & comes up with unique and creative designs.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a creative, kind, and intelligent designer.
His creativity is second to none and his enthusiasm for level design is very inspiring.
The emotions and creativity that exude from his designs and paintings are undeniable.
He then turned that understanding into very creative and compelling design options.
He is an expert at what he does, he is creative, and has a great eye for design.
He is very creative with an extensive background in multiple design disciplines.
John brings dedication and creativity to every design problem he encounters.
He brings together creativity and consumer-centric insights into his designs.
He always pushes himself creatively and has a fearless approach to design.
He brought in fresh new creative ideas and then backed them up with design.
John was the creative mind behind the design of our clean, modern website.
John is a very creative designer, but above all with a pragmatic approach.
John pushed me to think creatively, which helped me grow as a designer.
John's passion for creativity and design thinking is truly inspirational.
John is an unparalleled designer whose creative abilities seems to be limitless.
He is a great example of how creative designers add more than just 'design' to projects.
He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is create inventive, creative designs in a fraction of the time it takes most other designers to merely get an idea.
He is an excellent designer who is immensely creative during the design phase and persistent and pragmatic during implementation.
John is a talented designer who understands the need for both expressive, creative as well as clean and elegant design.
He is a super creative visual designer, was always ready to make sets of new and better designs for screens.
John is an accomplished designer who not only listened to our ideas and goals, but provided creative solutions and great looking designs.
He is creative on multiple levels, not only with his brilliant design work, but also in his design approach.
His creativity allows him to create great graphic designs for company logos and website designs.
He is an asset to the entire team with him creativity in design and creative ideas.
John is a very creative designer who provides a unique view on every element of game design.
John's creativity shines through in the e-learning that he has designed.
And while he is clearly creative in design, he also approaches and solves technical challenges with that same creativity.
As a designer, he always promoted his creativity, while guiding him to the most optimal use of his creativity.
He can also provide some useful creative suggestions to designers, and this "really" helps designers to think outside of the box.
He also has an intuitive design creativity that is uncanny among designers to create gameplay from unique viewpoints.
He designs, creative, innovative and unique pieces as well as specialized him designs based on the recipient.
He can not only think creatively, but is also willing to deliver any solution he designs.
John's designs are always creative, innovative, and functional.
He's a designer because he is an artist and a creative soul who needs to design.
John came up with a creative idea after creative idea, until we landed on a final design.
His dedication to perfection and creativity was a focal point of his creative designs.
Often, we were partners in the creative: his design to his copy.
John is thoroughly competent at what he does, whether it's front end design, creative design, or architect.
So, this will appear as patronising to those who do not know better (or think that all creatives and designers can do this).
You're doing yourself an incredible injustice by not having him on retainer as your creative designer.
While he was very prompt with his designs for him, it did not diminish his creativity.
His creativity and intelligence are clearly evident when it comes to course design.
John recently designed creatives for our daughter's birthday and it was superb.
John overcame all of these challenges even doing creative design at one point.
Added to all of this is the great creativity and design sensibility he brings.
John is an intuitive designer and creative thinker as well as being proactive.
Him displays were created and he certainly has an eye for design and style.
John's creative ability is more than impressive on any level of design.
As all good designers should be, he is highly creative and collaborative.
His designs are clean and businesslike as well as creative and attractive.
His creativity and sense of style show through in everything he designs.
He is very creative and would highly recommend him to design any website.
His designs are extremely creative and him follow through is impeccable.
John always struck him as an incredibly focused and creative designer.
His excitement and creativity is boundless and his designs are fearless.
An eye towards creativity and efficiency, he's down to earth on design.
His conceptual designs captivate you with his precision with creativity.
He listens to the needs of the exhibitor and designs creative exhibits.
Frequently exceeding his expectations in terms of design and creativity.
He never ceased to amaze him with his creative and imaginative designs.
John's creative vision and design capabilities are truly outstanding.
Him design and creative sensibilities are excellent and very flexible.
His creativity and individual expertise in design was always apparent.
John provided an excellent, creative design that got results for us.
He has an amazing eye for design and he is creative in so many ways.
His creativity and design chops would be a value to any organization
His designs are unique and always exciting, fresh and always creative.
John is highly creative and passionate about the environment and design.
He is extremely creative, and simply the best in conceptual designs.
John's designs were highly impressive and most importantly creative.
The designs he created were new, fresh, creative and out of the box.
His passion and enthusiasm for design and creativity really do show.
John is exceptionally creative, with an exemplary sense of design.
His creativity and design savvy are unique, as well as his approach.
He's creative achieving targets and overall design specifications.
The designs were creative and inventive exceeding his expectations.
His designs are highly creative, but always well thought through.
His approach to design truly nurtures creativity and innovation.
With his creative concepts, his designs are sure to impress all.
He designs studies that are creative and actionable to the core.
His eye for design and out of the box creativity is first-rate.
Our company the designing, John has amazing vision and creativity.
And due to his creativity, our team was able to iterate through at least four designs in the time it would have taken us to do one design.
He gave us creative and high level designs which were an inspiration to himself and his design team.
He not only understands the design business very well, but he also is very creative and a great designer.
His design work was creative and eye catching, a first class designer.
His creativity and thorough mastery of design and implementation of creative elements are second to none.
John designed some of the promotional creative for our department.
From contractual negotiation to creative design, he was amazing.
He designs very creative copy and is very good value for money.
And his dedication to design is seen through his creative work.
His depth of design history coupled with his creative inquisitiveness allows for nuanced design solutions.
John will always be his go-to guy for creative design, and branding.
He is a creative designer, but beyond that he was able to use his creativity to get the most out his tools, getting them to do what he wanted by using what he had.
His design capabilities are top notch and he is able to address design practically while still being creative.
He placed him in a fantastic freelance design role which completely matched his level of design and creativity.
As a designer, he is exceptional, with a full grasp of conceptual and creative design principles.
He's a quick conceptual, creative designer, and can take a design to multiple layers and levels.
John is very creative and can design solutions to very difficult situations.
His design was creative and we received many compliments from our employees.
His creativity and graphic design capabilities made all the difference.
John is creative and he does magic with colors and graphic designs.
We can recommend without hesitation, his creativity in graphic design.
John's graphic designs are nothing short of creative excellence.
His designs are the perfect combination of strategy and creativity.
His thoughtful design and creative solutions were right on target.
He also has creative design ideas with easy back end solutions.
John for any sort of design position, especially those that encourage creativity and individuality.
It goes without saying that he's an immensely creative designer, but it's his passion that stands out.
He has an eye for detail and knows exactly what to look for in design and creative deliverables.
But he also knows what constitutes innovative design and effective creative conceptualization.
He is certainly his first choice when it comes to creative problem solving and design feedback.
He is efficient in him design without sacrificing effectiveness, creativity, and innovation.
He uses creative designs to get the message across in a way that participants really embrace.
He came up with a creative design and overall look to bring all of our collateral together.
John comes across a very creative, full of ideas always and is really good with designing.
He not only was very creative in design and layout, but he promptly delivered it too.