Creative Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is creative and an excellent creative director.
He would make a great creative director or art director.
John has everything that you're looking for in a creative and in a creative director.
I can't think of a better creative director, or creative partner.
John is the creative director you want on your team.
He's exactly what every creative director should be.
Your first one should be with John as your creative director.
John continued in his role of art director well on his way to becoming the creative director he is today.
I promoted him as a creative director because he was the best art director at the agency.
His integrity as a director is well regarded by all the other directors.
John is a very talented art director and inspiring creative director.
I would recommend John heartily to anyone who needs an art director or creative director.
A true creative director that knows what it means to direct the creative.
More recently, we have worked together where he was the course director.
John is an exceptional creative director, but he's much more than that.
John has once again given birth to another great creative director.
John is one of my favorite creative directors of all times.
John is everything you'd want in an operations director.
John is more than a creative director, he is an artist.
John was the type of director that the creative love.
John is an amazingly organized and creative director.
He is very creative, whether this be his own creativity or to follow creative direction.
He's a creative director, designer, art director, video director and editor.
John has all the qualities you want in a creative director.
One of the best creative directors that I've ever worked with in my career.
Consummate art director, talented, creative director and an exceedingly nice chap.
He led new area directors in training and launching our new directors.
Whether things went well or not, it was as a team, and he would always make sure that we were congratulated as such rather than himself as our creative director.
His team often tells me that he is one of the best creative directors that they have worked.
I recommend him highly and wish he were still the creative director for our new owners.
John is one of the very few creative directors who comes across as a true visionary.
A creative director who not only has many ideas, but one who can also implement them.
The kind of creative director who would be an asset to any agency.
I have never worked with a better, more capable creative director.
John was always quick out of the blocks as a creative director.
John is by far the most enjoyable creative director to work with.
John was well liked by the directors, practitioners and clients.
John is one of those directors who just plain knows how to lead.
His opinion has been very valuable to me as a creative director.
He is so talented that he could be a creative director as well.
John was an outstanding director with a very creative vision.
John is highly creative and innovative designer/art director.
John is an excellent art director, very creative and focused.
John is the best interactive creative director that I know.
It's my hope to have him as our director for quite some time.
John is known as the director of happiness and prosperity.
He was well liked by me, my company, my boss and director.
Needless to say, he was the best actor, director and dancer.
John currently oversees me as the director of my division.
He is well respected by other senior/executive directors.
John is an articulate and creatively gifted art director.
John is a very strong and creative commercial director.
He is very professional and very well-respected director.
Being our director, he was always on top of the situation.
John was very helpful as the director of our department.
John was the director of all operations in this area.
A standout creative director, with outstanding results.
John was also a very personable and available director.
John sets the example for other directors to follow.
John has been my relationship director for many years.
He always pushed him creatively and was instrumental in helping him grow from an art director into a creative director.
And when he was his creative director, he absolutely inspired him to do mine.
This confidence is what separates him from the average creative director.
He's a creative director, really, and comes much recommended by him.
Think big with passion, our company's best creative director.
While he is very creative, he also knows how to leverage others for even more creative ideas.
John is a creative, but he doesn't believe that being so, is the domain of 'creatives'.
His creation is always more creative than you'd ever think humanly possible.
He's creative, and excellent at following through with his creative ideas.
He doesn't limit your creativity, he pushes you to be more creative.
He's very creative and fosters creativity from those around him.
John director by title, but more of a creative director that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.
He's a great creative director who inspires his creatives to make our company work.
As a creative director, he has contributed greatly to raising the creative standards of the agency.
His greatest creative gift is the ability to make others creative as well, and created for a purpose.
John came in and kept our creative director's seat warm whilst he was away on maternity leave.
And to him, that is the exact combination you need to make a successful creative director.
And anyone looking for a creative director out there, you'd be crazy not to hire him.
In all capacities, he proves an exceptional and visionary creative director.
He definitely exhibits the characteristics of a true creative director.
As a creative director, he was clear and concise with his vision.
He sets the high standard for creative directors in his book.
Our company few creative directors have the breadth of accomplishments that John does.
He is someone to whom creativity comes at his beck and call as he's just so unpredictably creative.
With him, you get all the creative firepower without the creative indulgence or self-centeredness.
Creatively, he is not just about mindless exploration and creativity for creativity's sake.
He is, at once, the creative's creative and the suit to which all other suits aspire.
He is very creative and whenever given the chance, he can really push creative bounds.
Not only is he creative, he knows how to apply his creativity to stunning effect.
His insights are sharp, his creative briefs are just that - brief and creative.
His diverse creativity has inspired him to become better in his creative efforts.
He encourages creativity and allows the space to nurture the creativity.
He understands the strength of creativity being so creative himself.
He is very creative, always share some creative topics with us.
He's amazingly conscientious, creative, congenial and creative.
He's the kind of creative who makes any creative group better.
He never takes the creativity for the sake of creativity path.
He's very creative and solid all round creative, he will be missed at our company.
He always went above and beyond to help anyone and his creativity was well appreciated.
You just have to tell him what you want and he will come back with very creative ideas.
He has very creative and truly got the best out of each and every one of his reps.
Scoop him up while you can, creatives like this don't come around often enough.
Always willing to help out anywhere he could and his creativity had no bounds.
John has always been very conscientious, very thorough and very creative.
He is so creative that he knows what we want and need better than we do.
He does what he says he will do, with all of his wisdom and creativity.
John really knows what he is talking about when it comes to creativity.
Last but not least, he is creative and think always out of the box.
That's probably because he is actually quite the creative himself.
He truly knows how to get everyone involved and is very creative.
Of course, his creativity is found everywhere he gets involved.
He demanded as much from his team as any creative director at any agency.
He is creative, intelligent, and very much a hands on director.
Genuinely creative, he not only comes up with attention-getting campaigns, but also knows that it isn't creative if it doesn't get results.
Importantly, as he did so, he also enabled the creative people to remain creative.
He is always respectful of creative ideas and being an ex-creative himself, he understood many things to do with the creative process.
John functioned as his creative director and did an excellent job.
He is also an outlier in that he is passionate about making sure the creative is on strategy and not creative for creative sake.
He showed unbridled enthusiasm for his job as creative director.
His expertise makes his job as a creative director much easier.
John's creative instincts rival the best creative directors, but it's his willingness to stand up for what he believes that sets him apart.
John isn't simply "creative for creative sake", but rather created with a strategic purpose.
John will never say no, instead he comes up with creative solutions.
Whether you are an intern or a creative director, he makes sure to stop by often to see what you're doing and how he can help you make it better.
And he does this with a flair for storytelling that would be the envy of many so-called creative directors.
Him creativity, paired with his kindness, makes for the ideal combination as a director.
As a creative director, his sensibility is always incredibly funny and very inventive.
He's a terrific creative director who's overflowing with killer ideas.
Our company, confident and persistent, John is an exemplary creative director to say the least.
He's the one who taught him how becoming a creative should never stop you from becoming just a creative.
He locks into creative, extremely well, being creative himself, and also can wear many hats.
John is a very special creative with a vision that is very different from other creatives.
And deep-down he is a really creative guy that can inspire others with his creativity.
He's as passionate about creativity as any great creative you'll find in an agency.
The long answer is: he used to be a creative so he knows us creatives.
John's insight and creativity have guided many of our creative endeavors at our company.
Working with him there is always something new to look forward to and he gets those creative cells to action.
Gifted with creativity, it only seems natural that he's been doing what he's been doing for so many years.
He is creative, and if you know him, you will also say that he has the ability to think outside the box.
It's because he is capable of doing just about anything creative and knows exactly what he is doing.
He is also very creative, loves what he does and follows through with what he said he will do.
You know he's going to give his creative best in whatever he does and go above what you expect.
He is always available, had boundless enthusiasm for what he was doing, and was very creative.
He's brilliantly creative and always always always gives more value than you would ever predict.
One of the things that we really enjoyed was that he let us be creative and do what we do best.
Also, he has proven to be one that is creative and is willing to think of outside of the box.
Everything he does is to help others succeed and he does it with enthusiasm and creativity.
John is creative in everything that he does and always delivers with the best of his ability.
Without even trying, he causes him to think about things in a different, more creative manner.
He is able to think creatively and follows through on getting things done when he promised.