Creative Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was very analytical and punctual as well as creative with each and every project.
He is analytical, creative and was always willing to take on a new project.
John is a capable project manager who effectively resolves material or project issues that could stall a project.
John is an on task creative, who does a great job managing projects.
He is a great people manager, project manager, creative thinker and has an enthusiastic and gets it done attitude.
John is an outstanding project manager that successfully led one of my wireless device projects.
John always approached each project with energy and creativity.
He managed the double role of being both managerial and creative on the same project very well.
He is a detailed-oriented, hardworking, creative project manager.
He is creative, detail oriented and is a strong project manager.
I was always impressed with his creativity and professional approach to managing projects.
John is smart, creative and gifted with the rare ability to manage many projects at one time and made certain that those projects come in on time and on budget.
He always has been creative, passionate, taking over the initiative for getting projects done in time.
He's sharp and creative, and he always has a new way to think about the projects at hand.
Openness together with creativity he is, he is excellent to start and drive new projects.
John is creative, self-motivated and quickly adapts to the needs of each project.
Some of the projects he has blown me out of the water from creative to completion.
I have no hesitation in recommending him for writing as well as creative projects.
He is smart and very creative and was never daunted by any project or task.
He is innovative, proactive, creative and passionate about his projects.
John was the creative force behind several successful innovative projects.
He always completed the project objectives with creativity and passion.
He completes projects on time and is creative in his recommendations.
John was amazing in his creativity and drive to get him project done.
He helped me on a project and was very well organized and creative.
He is innovative, doesn't stray from venture and creative projects.
He gives every project him all: attention, drive, and creativity.
John client would be lucky to have him on their creative projects.
John is the man you want to go to when you need an interactive creative project done, and done brilliantly.
John provided the overall creative direction for both aspects of this project.
So creativity is there in any project driving with him and always a pleasure.
He has always added creativity and structure to every project.
John is an enthusiastic, creative manager who was able to handle multiple projects at the same time.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - for both his creative talent and project management mastery.
His management style and ability to think creatively is what drives a successful project.
John's incredible passion, drive and creative vision shows in every project he manages.
John is an innovative problem solver, creative thinker and effective project manager.
John has an exceptionally creative mind and can add new dimensions to any project idea to extend the project value dramatically.
John's creative take on pitches and projects helped make them great successes which was shown by several notable project wins.
Besides the creation, he was always willing to help out in any management capacity as necessary.
He does not micro manage and allows me to do things my way and lets me be creative.
He's well-connected, creative, and thoughtful about how and who he manages.
He used to believe in empowering the managers by way of creative freedom.
I am especially impressed with his way of managing creative leadership.
Teamwork and creativity were hallmarks of his management style.
John is an excellent manager in managing his duties & coming up with creative ideas.
On projects, his work pushed forward what was possible while he also made everyone around him more creative.
John is also very creative in his projects and works well with his classmates.
He allows me to work creatively in my own way when doing this mutual project.
Him creativity made every project we worked on together that much more fun.
Clients can count on his integrity and creativity through every project.
Not only that, but he is so creative with every project he works with.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him on our creative projects.
In two projects we have been working together, he manages to be very creative in creating great ideas.
We truly value his input from a strategic, creative and project management perspective.
John showed his excellence in project management, creativity and communications.
John brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to each project he manages.
John is one of the unique creative who is not only strong creatively, but is strong in managing his people.
He is an excellent project manager, particularly for collaborative cross-cultural projects and managing new programs and suppliers.
John provided me with a structure when managing creative projects, acting as a go-between to our creative team.