Creative Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is clearly very skilled and very creative.

There seems to be no end to his creativity and artistic skills.

Adding to that is his creativity and initiative skills.

He is very creative and knowledgeable of his skill.

His skills are very good and he is very creative.

John's creative skills are second to none.

He is insightful, creative, and skilled.

He is both creative and skillful artists.

He is so much so that the only trouble you would have with him is trying to contain that creativity.

John always got us to think more creatively about how we could do things better for clients.

You just have to tell him what you want and he will come back with very creative ideas.

John is always asking how can one make things better, more effective and more creative.

Great ones especially, which doesn't get any better when you're a creative.

He does what he says he will do, with all of his wisdom and creativity.

John really knows what he is talking about when it comes to creativity.

Last but not least, he is creative and think always out of the box.

He doesn't limit your creativity, he pushes you to be more creative.

He is creative, and definitely someone that you'd want on your team.

Nothing but the best could be said about this most creative man.

That's probably because he is actually quite the creative himself.

He truly knows how to get everyone involved and is very creative.

He is very creative and this always came through in his business.

Essentially, the more creative we got with things, the better.

John is very creative and he knows how to get you noticed.

He is very creative and always willing to help his clients.

He is thorough in his execution, as well as his creativity.

And he does that in the most creative way you can imagine.

He can be very creative and he always knows what he wants.

You never knew where he was going to take you creatively.

I wish we could have used him for more creative ventures.

He is very creative as well as being very enterprising.

He has always been very creative with his work/designs.

John was always very creative both on and off the job.

John is by far one of the most creative and talented.

Not only is he creative, but he's also very strategic.

Very creative; went above and beyond my expectations.

He is creative and willing to think out of the box.

He is thorough, well organized, and very creative.

He is very creative and is always willing to help.

John is not only analytical, but he is creative.

For one, he has created that can not be topped.

John has no boundaries when it comes to creativity.

John is very creative and truly knows his business.

Of course, he's among the best creative directors.

In each instance, they were thorough and creative.

He is creative and always comes up with the goods.

John is creative and knows how to get things done.

He is very creative and can think out of the box.

John is very creative without being egocentric.

John is fantastic when it comes to being creative.

I found him to be very creative and knowledgeable.

Technically and creatively, you can do no better.

He is very creative so that you are never bored.

There are very few creative out there like him.

He is not only creative, but also very friendly.

John is always looking for the creative solution.

John is very creative when it comes to branding.

His know-how and creativity are truly inspiring.

He is not only an expert, but also very creative.

Professional, creative and very, very proactive.