Creative Strategist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is incredibly creative, optimistic, and an excellent strategist.

He is very creative, always share some creative topics with us.

He is a creative and passionate strategist and he always engages its audience.

John is an exceptional creative strategist and hugely motivating.

John is regarded as one of the best strategists, creatives, and all around big thinkers in advertising/marketing.

John is not only a creative and experienced perfectionist, but also an inspiring strategist.

John was always very creative and a good strategist and problem solver.

John is an excellent strategist with a great sense of creativity.

He is experienced, insightful, creative and a very strong strategist.

John is one of the most respected creative thinkers and strategists in broadcasting today.

Above all else he listens to my needs and comes up with creative results.

He's creative, dedicated, and follows through on initiatives.

John is especially creative and that creativity contributed directly to the team's success.

John is one of the rare few who can confidently straddle the roles of strategist and creative visionary.

John is an unbelievable self-starter and a meticulous yet creative thinker and strategist.

John is an inspiring and creative strategist, with an incredibly sharp and enquiring mind.

In him bones there is a creative genius and in him brains there are brilliant strategist.

He is a creative thinker and strategist and believes passionately in what he does.

John is that rare breed of a strategist; a meticulous creative in disguise.

He is creative, thinks out of the box and is a great strategist.

He took the initiative to be creative and thorough with every campaign.

I have always found him to be innovative, creative and collaborative.

He is one of the most, if not the creative minds off and on the stage.

John has been a strategist's dream with the creative solution always on brief, albeit with a colourful creative twist.

John is an energetic, creative, proactive and independent strategist that can't be overestimated.

John is an achievement oriented, detail oriented and creative strategist.

I don't know any other professional who rivals him as a creative strategist.

He knows his stuff and is creative and thorough in his presentation.

He is very creative and always looking for new ways at his job.

He is an able strategist who has an extraordinary ability to be creative and innovative in any given situation.

He is very creative himself and motivates others to use creativity as an effective tool for success.

John knowledgeable, creative, very smart and passionate, he is a strategist.

He's one of those strategists that creatives absolutely love to work with.

But there's just too many brilliant things going on in his creative mind that have to be shared.

He has what we are looking for in an agency; enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility.

John's dedication and creativity always set me above and beyond the competition.

He has succeeded where others have failed through perseverance and creativity.

John always shared his ideas, which were fresh, and always creative.

He is creative and tireless in his pursuit of the best possible image.

John has an outstanding enthusiasm for results and is very creative.

Tap into his strategies and creativity to make changes in reality.

John's creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm cannot be matched.

John is also flexible and provides creative problem solving.

John is collaborative, creative and energetic in his leadership.

He is creative yet consistent in getting to the desired result.

His dedication, persistence and creativity are second to none.

His endless curiosity and creativity was truly inspirational.

John is all anyone could hope for in a personable, creative strategist.

He's also a great strategist and collaborator with creative teams.

He is a savvy/sharp and brilliant strategist - creative in his approach and not afraid to take chances.

He is a sharp thinker and creative strategist that always adds something rich to the conversation.

He is truly a creative thinker and visionary as well as a thoughtful and considerate strategist.

He is a gifted strategist who approaches challenges with passion, creativity and perseverance.

He is a creative strategist, and his ability to attain positive outcomes is remarkable.

John is a creative strategist who captures and articulates the essence of a message.

John is also highly proactive, a natural strategist and a great creative.

He is both a creative strategist and a realist-a terrific combination.

He's a natural leader and an exceptional creative strategist.

He is very energetic, creative and innovative and always followed through on his commitments.

It's this creativity and the flexibility that comes along with it that really set him apart.