Creative Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creative Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only is he a great writer, but he makes everyone around him a better writer.
John gets what writers are after because he is an exceptional writer in his own right.
He also gets things done with no fuss and none of that creative writer drama you often have to suffer.
He's a creative thinker and writer and gets things done - and done well - with little supervision.
His creativity is limitless, and he's always willing to pass on his expertise to other writers.
A creative script writer, he knows how to get right to the heart, make it come alive.
There are no boundaries to his creativity and he is a brilliant writer.
John also has his creative side, both as a photographer and writer.
While he's darn good at it, he is much more than a creative writer.
He showed him how to become a better, crisper, more creative writer.
He somehow knows exactly what to do to bring out the best in any writer.
The writers now would never even think about going back to our company.
John understands that his writers might have something to say about what our colleagues, our fellow writers, are doing.
He's a creative and thoughtful writer who works tirelessly to make us all seem like great writers.
He allows him writers to be creative and gives direction well.
As a creative writer, the way he approaches creative problem solving is completely different than others.
He's creative, and is much more well rounded than most writers / editors.
John has always been on time, did what he said he will do, had been created
John is creative, organized, and always supportive to writers.
He's truly a writer's editor in that he fosters creativity in him writers and allows you plenty of leeway.
John is also a well-seasoned, humorous, and creative writer and he always needs little editing.
We (writers, readers, creatives) are fortunate to have him, and his expertise, here with us.
He provides clear expectations while still allowing creative freedom for the writers.
He's also a very good writer and has an intuitive understanding of creation
It is his pleasure to recommend him both as a journalist and creative writer.
He's creative, charismatic and charming and above all a great writer.
He's also a gifted writer and his creative opinion is always welcome.
He's a very versatile writer and is passionate about great creative.
He gave him creative freedom and access to the writers we used.
He's creative, and is a good writer - always full of new ideas.
As a writer, he is empathetic, sensitive, and highly creative.
A creative writer himself, he wields a pen with much flourish.
He is very creative and he encourages others to think creatively as well.
If you are looking for an accomplished writer, he's the one you need to contact.
John really wanted us to become better writers, and because of him, we have.
John also became an excellent writer by willing himself to become one.
We're very sorry to see him leave, because he's an excellent writer.
So, if you're looking for an excellent writer, you've found him.
John understands writers' needs, and is willing to be flexible.
John has more than proved himself as more than just a writer.
He has absolutely helped him to become an even better writer.
Our company needs to say that John is also an excellent writer.
Of course, it also helps that he's an extremely talented and creative writer.
While an excellent comic writer in his own right, he also gives valuable feedback to the other writers in our group.
John used to be a tech writer, and then moved into helping writers and those who need them get together.
He's proactive, highly engaged, and an incredible writer who is very creative.
Fierce and creative, he is amazing to have as a brainstorm partner and writer.
As a writer and publisher, he is extremely creative and so energetic.
Unlike many writers today, he understands the difference between creative for creative's sake and strong selling concepts.
John has been very exciting and creative for him, he is always looking to do it better than the first time.
John has a can-do attitude and is very thorough in all that he does, as well as very creative.
John is not only very creative but he knows how to get things done on time and very effectively.
When he gets going on something, you know that you are going to get creative and valuable results.
John comes up with some really creative ideas that help you to make the most of your time.
He listens well and is very creative when it comes to saying things the right way.
His creations and his attitude towards getting things done are amazing.
John's creativity and know-how have been an asset to him and his company.
Confidence and creativity are few words that always go along with him.
As well as being very creative, he will listen to your needs and wishes.
He listened to our needs and provided us with several creative options.
Finally and perhaps critically he is always curious and very creative.
John's the guy you want when it needs to be creative and gets results.
All what he was doing was made with passion and lots of creativity.
Also, his creativity comes out every time he is behind the camera.
He is innovative and creative, but also knows how to get results.
He can be trusted to get things done diligently and creatively.
Loved the result and have you seen some of his creative stuff.
Fun, creative, and above all, true to who he is at all times.
His creativity was an inspiration for others in the division.
He is not just a creative and successful writer, he is also someone who knows how to take charge and move things forward.
As a writer, he is creative and knows how to keep his audience interested from the first sentence to the last.
He's a wonderful writer and is always looking for the next creative idea-striving to make it better.
He has high journalistic standards, and he is an excellent writer and creative individual.
He's a creative wordsmith without being over-the-top and is a very versatile writer.
John stands out as a creative writer who cuts right to the heart of the objective.
He's not only a great creative writer, but an absolute pleasure to be around.
John is well known for his creativity and diligence as a professional writer.
John steered the editorial vision, but allowed him writers creative freedom.
As a writer, he offers him creative input, which often times have been invaluable.
He encouraged creativity and pushed him to play to his strengths as a writer.
He's a great writer with an excellent sense of humor and creativity.
He's incredibly creative, a great writer and speedy and all that.
In his eyes, he remains the best creative writer our company has ever seen and will see in the coming years.
He's not just your print writer or radio scripture, he's an all-around our company writer tackling the world of the modern creative.
John is an excellent writer with a deep capacity for understanding and creativity, so it is no wonder that he is a superb bio writer.
He never fails to let writers know when they have done well - which is greatly appreciated.
Most importantly, he brings out the best in him writers and knows how to make them shine.
He is very clear on what he needs from him as a writer, which is very much appreciated.
He goes out of his way to help fellow writers and gives advice that is tried and true.
John is an excellent writer with the ability to see clearly through the issues.
But he is one of those writers that just knows how to put an idea down on paper.
John's an impressive writer with relevant things to say on many-many subjects.
John is more than just a brilliant writer - though he's definitely that.
Combined, these two attributes would be enough to make him a great writer.
If you are need of a great writer, he is definitely someone to consider.
If you need a writer of truthful things, he's the one you want to hire.
Plus, he may just be one of the funniest writers to ever walk the earth.
He knows what he wants in a story and conveys it well to the writer.
John's the best at what he does - and one hell of a writer to boot.
Would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a writer.
He seeks to really know the writer and the story behind each song.
To top this all very few know that he is also a very good writer.
Most importantly, he inspires him to do his own thing as a writer.
Then, he made you-the writer-understand why the story was better.
He went out of him "tech writer" mode and did all the scanning.
He never failed to encourage him writers to do their very best.
John is a very serious, precise but nevertheless fast writer.
John has a unique way of bringing out the best in him writers.
He's also a strong and willing writer with a very extensive range
He truly enables local writers to make our company and be seen.
He tailors our lessons to his needs and is an amazing writer.
To him, that is the greatest possible compliment for a writer.
John also brought together writers from multiple geographies.
John replies to all the comments which many writers don't do at our company.
He is an exceptionally talented writer who has the instincts for what makes great creative.
He's an excellent writer and creative talent, and his character is beyond question.
He's creative, a talented writer, and makes others feel welcome and valued.
A gifted creative writer whose talent is only matched by his enthusiasm.
John is a talented writer who is not only creative, but also strategic.
Not only is he creative, but his creativity thrives in the digital space.
His indomitable creative spirit makes him an incredible creative partner.
Not only will he get you the best available discount or price, but is very creative.
His presentations were second to none and his creativity was beyond imagination
He took the initiative to be creative and thorough with every campaign.
He knows his stuff and is creative and thorough in his presentation.
He always excelled when it came to presentations, and creativity.
John is known for his creativity in whatever area, he is serving.
The way he makes his sandwiches is even spectacularly creative.
He is very knowledgeable, well connected, creative and of course, a great writer.
A meticulous writer, his creativity and verve has been always evident in his work.
John is a creative thinker, diligent writer and always meets deadlines.
He's also a wonderful motivational speaker, writer and creative thinker.
He is the ultimate creative writer and so much fun to work with.
He fought for better creative, always, but he also advocated for the creatives themselves.
John always seemed to have not one, but several creative solutions for any given problem.
John and his crew were very creative, and did everything they promised.
Tap into his strategies and creativity to make changes in reality.
Most importantly, especially in the creative world, he is open to creative criticism and new ideas.
He is super creative, but unlike many other creatives, he is laser focused on the bigger picture.
His style is creative, fun, and insightful and he brings out the creativity in his audiences.
His creativity also enables him to solve many issues in very unique and creative ways.
Briefings were always well thought out and very thorough and he would go out of his way to make the life of the creatives easier.
He's passionate about whatever he's doing and would do well in any environment where he's given the ability to really be creative.
He comes through every time we ask something of him and he does it with incredible quickness and creativity.
He can be an asset to any company that is truly looking at sensible journalism and serious creativity.
He takes the time to think things through thoroughly and also comes up with some very creative ideas.
Without him it would never have become the truly creative and buzzing environment it is today.
John is very thorough, he is sensible, creative, and can be trusted to do what he agrees to.
He gets things done and is quite creative in solving problems that are getting in the way.
He took on board our ideas and then made them even better with him flair and creativity.