Creativity Performance Review Phrases Examples

Creativity Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the unique people with vision and passion and great new ideas.
John is excellent at identifying a need in the technology marketplace and presenting the solution for it.
He is very dedicated to our team, and often comes up with new brilliant ideas to implement on our campaigns.
He he always creative, an out of the box thinker and great receptor of ideas from other stakeholders.
His ideas are creative and modern.
John has been a source of inspiration in many ways for me and many others in the team.
Always has creative ideas that are practical to execute.
Him insight, wisdom and innovative thinking were amazing.
With his insight we were able to work alongside him and help relay him ideas that were creative and innovative.
He is very creative and comes up with great ideas, he always thinks out of the box.
Passionate, caring, and innovative - he's a connector, a strategist, and an implementer.
He is bright, innovative and dependable.
His creative fresh ideas are always indispensable.
John is a creative and original thinker.
John bought some refreshing, unique and innovative ways of thinking.
He created a unique and imaginative piece of work.
On a number of occasions, John demonstrated his creativity and ability to address problems in a non-conventional way.
He is also innovative in his thinking.
John is a very creative person.
John is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration.
He's able to come up with great ideas, invent something non-trivial.
He is able to look at all aspects of a situation and use his resources to come to a solution.
A very creative and energetic person.
John is a very creative person when it comes to problem solving and often thinks outside the box to get to a solution.
John is inherently creative, where we see a box, he sees no such limitations.
Highly creative, innovative and inspirational, what makes him a really good person.
He is resourceful, responsive and always has fresh ideas and offers alternative perspectives to solving problems and implementing change.
John's truly practical approach to changing habits, daily routines and creating a success mindset is great.
John is a very hard working and creative person.
A brilliant resource with a positive and forward thinking mindset.
Indeed, John is loaded with creative and effective ideas.
John intelligently and creatively handled the ever-changing priorities and difficult problems that the campaign environment produced.
I see John continue to be contributing in some non-trivial ways to new innovative solutions in the field of software development.
Very positive and encouraging in every instance.
For great insight and original thinking, check out John' work.
I have taken away a number of new skills and ideas which will be implemented.
Working under John has been one of the most transformative experiences of my career.
Reliable, creative and is very encouraging.
Always available, pushing the boundaries of one's comfort zone and coming up with out of the box suggestions.
Probably creative enough to be dangerous.
John's approach to cold calling is brilliant.
Constantly thinking outside the box not hindered by conventional wisdom.
Always inspiring creativity, always teaching others to think and act outside the square.
Great for coming up with new ideas and adapting them to the workplace you are working in.
From getting us to brainstorm ideas to lively discussions about improving and implementing procedures that has seen an immense improvement to our business.
John is an out of the box thinker who brought many creative ideas.
A very hard working and creative person with great savvy to know what to do and how to do it.
Great person to bounce ideas around and find solutions.
Positive, energetic, and brilliant to have in a brainstorm.
John is a brilliant strategist and innovator.
A creative thinking person and business innovator.
Very creative, very original, very, very enjoyable.
John has an ability to analyse what you say and to draw insights from that.
It was great to listen to someone give a different angle in such an entertaining way.
Proactive in solution finding for any twists and turns and promoting you to the best of your abilities.
A very innovative thinker and a true leader.
A brilliant personality who fits in any team.
A creative problem-solver with great interpersonal and organisational skills.
John uses new techniques, new ways of approaching to get mutual success.
John is very efficient, creative and a true pleasure to work with.