Credit Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Credit Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He never takes the credit and always makes sure credit is given to others when due.
He never looks for credit nor does he ever takes the credit he deserves.
He gives credit when credit is due and also welcome feedback.
If they need credit assistance, he guides them through the process of increasing their credit scores.
He's not one to take the credit, but gives credit to those who deserve it more than he would give to himself.
Rarely was he given adequate credit for his accomplishments and many times others took the credit.
John is quick to give credit to others who deserve the credit.
He consistently goes above and beyond and will always go out of his way to help others without taking credit.
If you get something right, he will make sure you and others know so you can get the credit you deserve.
John gets things done without stepping on others, or taking all the credit.
He won't take the credit for getting it done, but it's very much deserved.
When you invariably do, he makes sure that you, not he, take the credit.
He's the one that's getting it done while others take credit or complain.
When things went well, he made sure credit was given where it was due.
Of course it is all him, but it would be rude to not take any credit.
It is to his credit that he is usually right in these instances.
He just quietly got things done and let others take the credit.
While doing this, he gives credit to everyone else by himself.
Much better than he gives himself credit for, in his opinion.
John assisted him on several occasions, making difficult credit decisions.
He can do this by assisting (at no extra charge) with credit repair.
He gives credit where credit is due and isn't afraid to stand up for what is best for his work group
He's not afraid to ask the tough questions, yet he always gives credit where credit is due.
He stays the course when it gets tough and he shares the credit when credit is due.
John clearly values teamwork and is the first to give credit where credit is due.
The assistance is given to the parent to be passed to the child, he takes no credit.
He will go out of his way to help whenever help is needed and without taking credit for the outcomes.
John will try not to take any credit for those things, but we all know his stamp is all over it.
He always made sure that we will always be credited for any achievements we have accomplished.
He goes above and beyond what is expected of him and doesn't ask for any additional credit.
The credit goes to him, as he makes sure he makes this space for himself in your company.
And what is creditable above all is that he did this without losing his cool.
He knows who can do what and he gives you the freedom and the credit for it.
And he also does all of this without looking for extra credit or attention.
Whatever he does, he does well and is the first to share credit with others.
He didn't feel the need to take credit for the overall accomplishments.
He is after results, not credit, and he makes others around him better.
To his credit, if he does not know the answer, that will be his answer.
Although he won't take the credit and insists this was down to him.
Especially since he doesn't ever seem to care who gets the credit.
He doesn't seek the credit, he only wants to see things happen.
And that's one thing that makes him a credit to his profession.
His success is his success and will let him take all the credit.
He accomplished much, never worrying about who got the credit.
He gives credit to others and never fights for the limelight.
He's also not one to take all the credit for his wins either.
He celebrated their wins with them, but never took the credit.
Our company doubt that much of that credit should go to John.
He helped his credit and the debt that should not have ever been, was promptly removed from his credit history.
John knows a lot about the credit companies and how to dispute things on your credit profile.
He gives credit where credit is long overdue, and he champions others every step of the way.
John also knew how to give credit where credit was due without blinking an eye.
Our company is ever too much trouble for John and he is always punctual, to the point and gives credit where credit is due.
He turns around and make sure to give the people he assisted the credit for the efforts made.
And the definition of "assisted" means: he did awesome work and let him take all the credit.
He shares credit for assistance given and isn't shy to share information.
John gets things done because they should be done - he spends little time worrying about who might get the credit.
He always gives credit to others and compliments others achievements while never asking for anything in return.
What makes him more special is, even with such credits to his name, he is down-to-earth and very honest.
You also can tell he is not interested in taking credit for himself, but rather sharing it with others.
He wants to see others succeed and will stand back and let them take the credit for their successes.
To his credit also, he didn't bluff when he didn't know anything he'd find it out or ask for help.
He would fix each and every breakdown and would show how it's done and has never taken the credit.
When given credit for our success, he always reminds us that we were the ones that accomplished.
John also ensured that credit was given where it was due and this was, and is, much appreciated.
But he'll never publicly take credit for any of it, which is probably his most admirable trait.
He will make you do things and better still would not forget to credit you with what you do.
He often does not accept the credit, but it is his leadership that allows others to excel.
He will always stand up for you and will make sure you get your due recognition and credit.
The only thing he could get better at is taking credit for some of the stuff he pulls off.
And do so without ever taking credit or using his empathy for "philanthropic" leverage.
When we succeeded (which was all the time) he made sure that we were given the credit.
He brings credit, not only to himself, but to all organizations he is associated with.
He'll adopt your idea if he sees its value and he'll make sure you get the credit.
Everything at the conferences went without any problems and he deserves the credit.
He would be a credit to any organisation and would certainly get his recommendation.
Quite frankly, he just made us look good, and took very little front end credit.
John doesn't get the credit he deserves for all the great things he has done.
John always will give the credit to his employees and back them up when needed.
In retrospect, it is unusual that he never took credit for our many successes.
John listens to the opinions of others and gives the credit where it belongs.
John's ability to just pick things up and get it done is an absolute credit.
John will have many more accomplishments to his credit in the coming years.
Referring to him as his boss would not nearly give him the credit he deserves.
He always ensures that his colleagues are credited for their contributions.
He always credited his successes to him publicly, even if he didn't have to.
To say that he totally transformed them doesn't really do him full credit.
John can truly be credited with getting the ball rolling in this aspect.
That was an incredible accomplishment and he deserves much of the credit.
John will be a credit to any organization with which he is affiliated.
John, unlike most of us refuses to take credit and it just pisses him off.
He inspires others to be better and credits them for making him better.
And, he always shared the credit, even though he deserved most of it.
But he was always quick to spread the love and not take all the credit.
And he wants no credit or acknowledgment for this inspired leadership.
John brings additional value that goes far beyond debits and credits.
He taught him how to keep his credit score up there with his expertise.
John arranged for the $ to be sent and deposited to his credit card.
He always cares for others without concern about who gets the credit.
We credit much of the success between our companies to his abilities.
He routinely credited everyone else for their extraordinary efforts.
John contacted him about an opportunity with another credit union.
He is well liked and would be a credit to anyone he is employed by.
John is an expert when it comes to your credit and your money.
When it comes to sharing the success, he gives the credit to others.
And to his credit, he has always exceeded everyone's expectations.
Always willing to help his colleagues and a credit to any company.
What's even more remarkable is that he never sought credit for it.
To his credit, if given the opportunity he will deliver results.
John deserves much of the credit for the success of this course.
He passes credit on to others before he would absorb it himself.
And he would always - always give credit to those who earned it.
He gives away all the credit, and champions everyone's success.
That credit goes to him and his zeal to excel at what he owns.
Instantly likeable, he would be a credit to any organisation.
John doesn't need to be "first", or "right", or "get credit".
We at our company took take credit for recognizing his potential.
He doesn't give himself enough credit for the impact he has on our company.
He gives his clients most of the credit, be he is just too modest.
He not only gave him great advice about what to look for, but also assisted him in the steps needed to repair his credit.
John assisted us in every aspect of setting up our company to accept credit card transactions.
He always gives credit where credit is due and will be the first to congratulate you on a job well done.
John assisted him with one of his client's company need for a line of credit.