Credit Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Credit Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

To his credit, however, he manages through his subordinates and doesn't try to do everything himself.
Along with his manager, he was directly credited for the growth in their group.
He will then ensure senior management provides credit where credit is due.
He managed his team selflessly giving credit where credit was due.
John will stop at nothing to extend his expertise in credit management.
His management of stakeholder's expectations was highly creditable.
John knows how to manage people to get the best out of them, and he always gives credit to the team.
He gives credit when it is due regardless of the management or organizational structure.
He delegates authority to his managers and gives proper credit where it belongs.
Great boss - he gave credit where it was due and never micro- managed.
He shares credits and even let others take credit for the work he has done.
He gives credit where credit is due to those working alongside him.
John definitely managed to get the best out of his team, giving us the credits for our contribution.
John didn't pull this off on his own, but credit is definitely due to his management of resources.
This is a credit to his management style and expertise in this area.
A great manager and mentor, he is a credit to any organisation.
He set a great example to those around him and it was to his credit that those he managed looked up to him with such respect.
The credit must go to him to have achieved so much for the organization and still managed to stay humble and own to earth.
His effectiveness is credited to his no-nonsense style of management and dedication to his organization.
As a manager, he is always responsive, listens, encourages, and gives credit to his colleagues.
That he managed this with tight deadlines and a positive attitude is much to his credit.
As a manager, he cares for you, fights for you, and always gives you credit when due.
He's also a thoughtful guy whose poise and management style do him credit.
John can take credit for creating and managing several high-value partnerships during his tenure at our company.
John has a unique and creative approach to credit management.
So credit where credits due - our company done - keep up the good work.
Lately he has proven to be an excellent people manager as well, which is an important credit.
He incentivized the team with encouragement and went out of his way to credit us to upper management.
He can take a lot of credit for what the team achieved while he was our manager.
An incredible team manager and an absolute credit to our company.
If he didn't like it, he'd help you correct your course and if it you did good work, he was always one to make sure that his management gave you the credit.
He is always credited you for the success and also makes sure your work is visible to upper management.
He is a high achiever in terms of credit and risk management.
John also gave credit when credit was due, and he did that by letting you present your own work to upper management.
In all, as a manager, he gives you enough rope to hang yourself, but at the same time he's also your biggest cheerleader, always giving credit where credit is due.
He gives credit where credit is due and never has the insecurity that strikes lesser managers who can't handle being wrong or ignorant sometimes.