Crew Member Performance Review Phrases Examples

Crew Member Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is everything that we should be aiming for through contact with our members and non-members.
John is an absolutely amazing workmate/friend/culture crew member.
I wouldn't hesitate to take him on as a crew member on any show.
John and his crew are some of the most talented crew in coffee.
He provides value to all members of his immediate organization.
His attention to member needs, especially orienting new members, is commendable.
Team members recognize that he does not ask anything of them that he is not willing to do himself.
Information provided by him was very useful for both our unemployed and underemployed members.
John is everything that you would ever want in a co-worker/team member.
In addition, he has always gone above and beyond to serve our members.
John has exactly what any colleague/manager/team member may expect.
As a team player he always wants to get the best out of each member.
Group and all the members are so appreciative of his contributions.
He provided various of training/share sessions to other members.
He had our members talking afterwards and following his advice.
He\he has the most respect and credibility among the members.
He also had to have the ability to explain it to our members.
As an ensemble member he makes everyone around him look good.
John was responsible for over two thousand enlisted crew members for all matters dealing with the wellbeing of the crew.
John's crew was willing to go anywhere and do anything to get the necessary shots.
He and his crew are thorough and always there to make sure things get done.
He always made himself available for him crew; though he was our boss, he was also our teammate.
They didn't try and take over his shoot: no showboating by anyone on their crew.
John also keeps things very loose when it comes to dealing with the crew.
He always got the best from his crew and always delivered on time.
He also has a style and knows how to get the best out of his crew.
He and his crew were like old friends from the very beginning.
John proves to be a reliable and dedicated member of his crew.