Crisis Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Crisis Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows how to manage several things even in crisis situations.
As a manager, he has the ability to motivate and manage through any crisis.
Due to this combination he is also an excellent crisis manager.
He is a manager and a leader to look at when it comes to crisis management.
Have always admired him for the way he does crisis (may be a crisis for you but not for him) manager
His upward management (managing managers) is very impressive, especially in a crisis situation.
He always knows what the right thing to do and manages to stay cool during crisis scenarios.
He has been an inspiration in the way he manages to smile even during crisis situations.
He also knows how to manage a crisis and make the most of very difficult situations.
Especially his role in the crisis management organisation was very much appreciated.
Not the least is his ability to manage crisis, which is just second nature to him.
His sense to analyse the things and do crisis management is beyond compare.
John stepped in as a crisis manager to turn around the organisation.
John immediately came in and began orchestrating our crisis management.
John could always be counted on to the manage the crisis thrown his way.
He his a good manager who can handle things very well during the crisis
Have seen him manage crisis very peacefully and without a flutter.
He's honest and trustworthy and he can crisis manage on the run.
John has proven himself to be an efficient anti-crisis manager.
Interestingly, you will never know when he is tired because he is an excellent stress and crisis manager.
He showed all his competencies during the crisis, he succeed to manage.
An extremely dedicated manager who can be by your side when you need him the most and does not leave till you get over the crisis.
What always amazed him most was his ability to see through things in averting and managing crisis situations.
He is diligent, gives his best to any assignment, he takes up and excellent at crisis management.
He's also able to prioritize, and particularly efficient on crisis management situations.
He never gives up at the times of crisis and manages situations and resolve problems.
He is an expert in crisis management and he can help you stay or get out of a jam.
His ability to multitask, manage crisis and get things done is quite impressive.
John has one of the best minds in strategic reputation and crisis management.
He's always thinking ahead of trouble and knows how to calmly manage any crisis.
He is capable of managing any crisis or unexpected situation he encounters.
His ability to manage crisis and achieve results were always an inspiration.
A crisis manager, he is that no amount of the intensity can deter his will.
His lesson about leadership and managing a crisis situation were priceless.
In a crisis, he maintains composure and manages his way through it.
He manages the situation in a crisis period very effectively.
He managed the crisis really well and we could launch our company handset on time.
If a crisis does arise, he is "cool under fire" and is exceptional in crisis management.
He can manage a crisis as though it's an opportunity because in his hands it will be an opportunity.