Critical Thinking Performance Review Phrases Examples

Critical Thinking Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Uses sharp ideas and critical thinking ability to solve issues quickly.
Decides the most appropriate solution to an issue by considering the pros and cons of it very cautiously.
He has strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills that help him handle problems well.
Uses an arsenal of creative strategies to proactively solve a wide range of problems.
Consistently generates outstanding solutions to the most demanding problems.
Quickly analyzes the pros and cons of any solution before deciding what is the most effective way to resolve a problem.
He always thinks twice before he meets any problem.
Focuses on solutions to problems not the symptoms.
Uses strategic approachability and skill when it comes to solving issues.
Demonstrates well assertive and decisive ability when it comes to handling problems.
Looks at issues in different angles and not in a one-sided way.
Never considers potential changes in circumstances when making decisions.
Makes decisions hastily without thinking.
Never thinks twice before making any decision.
His decision making process is too hurried.
Creates more problems than he solves.
He is also familiar with the structured and critical thinking and has a breadth of knowledge in various domains.
He has intellectual curiosity, fine tuned critical thinking and a dedication to successful implementation, as well as a wonderful sense of humor.
John showed skills and abilities on numerous levels, such as multitasking, critical thinking, attentive listening and strong communication skills.
His critical thinking, research and analysis of the problem domain and practical approach towards solving those problems, were invaluable contributions to the team.
John is a unique combination of great attitude and energy coupled with critical thinking and focus on outcomes.
He has a creative and critical thinking and that makes him able to make a plan and how to execute it.
John a highly productive and critical thinking person, respond to barriers, problems and challenges with much more of a problem-solving orientation as well as attention to detail.
He displays critical thinking skills and a solid desire to improve situations with an enthusiastic mindset.
He demonstrated great enthusiasm for the subject (critical thinking and problem solving), was a passionate advocate for his ideas, and thoughtfully considered opposing points of view.
He is impressed with his critical thinking ability as well as fast problem solving.
John is a critical thinking, technically savvy professional capable of extracting important decision making details of conversations and information exchanges.
John is a hard worker with exceptional critical thinking skills, which has led to his success both on a personal and business level.
Together we solved problems and jumped over hurdles that I could have never faced alone.
Always responsive and helpful in getting the desired results.
Highly recommended for personal branding and content marketing skills and strategy.
John is always quick to respond and extremely helpful.
John is extremely creative and Innovative.
John has this ability to structure a problem and create a viable framework for solving it efficiently.
John also demonstrated the ability to think creatively to solve problems.
John is efficient, creative, extremely energetic and always takes initiative.
John is always looking to improve processes and has great ideas and initiatives.
In addition to this John has excellent analytical and communication skills.
I'd highly recommend John to anyone looking for a well-rounded marketing manager.
John is detail-oriented and a great problem solver.
John's analytical and computer skills are extremely strong.
Thank you so much for your time, patience and creativity.
John has an amazing ability to zero in on the key elements of a business situation or problem and come up with workable solutions that make an immediate difference.
Very strong presentation skills, able to take complex situations and find the key elements which require attention or action.
I highly recommend John as a strong implementator, very detail oriented, and someone exceeding all expectations.
Excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability.
In case of any software problem the team could rely on John.
High analytical skills and problem-solving approach.
John's is a strong analytical-thinker, constantly looking for ways to use data to shape business strategy and make informed decisions.
I'd have no issue recommending John to anyone looking to increase their exposure.
I highly recommend John if you're looking for someone that thinks through issues and comes up with an innovative solution.
Excellent communication skills and ability to handle any under fire situation.
John is easily approached and quick to respond to any questions.
John quickly made me feel comfortable and empowered to make decisions.
Professionally, John has a unique attention to detail and a desire to do the right thing even when it isn't the popular thing.
John thinks carefully, writes clearly, and understands the power of narrative.
John is thoughtful, strategic and a connection maker.
John is a strategic thinker and has an excellent global perspective.
John is a very detailed person and all communications is extremely thorough and clear.
Always demonstrated proactive and partnership in all joint actions.
John thinks about things that others may overlook, but are so critical to the outcomes.
He'll have you laughing and thinking critically all at the same time.
One of his best assets is how he thinks critically about situations.
Clients also welcomed him recommendations and critical thinking.
Him critical thinking and bold, outspoken nature challenges others around him to think.
If there was one criticism to make of him, it would be that he's too modest.
This is not so far that he did not look critically when needed.
He is the one whom you can always rely for anything critical.
He collaborates well with others, and thinks critically and independently.
John has a great understanding of various techniques and critical thinking.
John's strategic thinking was critical to the success of the initiative.
He provides valuable contributions in the arena of critical thinking.
He can quickly understand the issue and gives some critical thinking.
John provided insightful guidance and encouraged critical thinking.
John's critical thinking pushes the envelope and kept us alert.
John's innovation and critical thinking made him as an asset to our company.
John always looks for the best outcome and provides critical thinking and innovative thinking to move the situation forward.
John uses both critical thinking and creativity to him assignments.
John encouraged dialogues, critical thinking, and out of the box thinking in his team.
He listens well and critically thinks about the issues at hand.
Both relied on him for his sound advice and critical thinking.
John provides that provoke thinking by asking the hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions that force critical thinking.
He also isn't afraid of criticism, which is critically important.
He can see right through you and is always triggering your critical thinking to help you find the right solution.
He truly encouraged him and his colleagues to think for ourselves, and learn through critical thinking.
He thinks critically, always looking for the best solution to a problem.
However, he still knows how to get things done and when to be firm and critical of himself and his employees.
He has been more than that, to him, however, as he has been that critical two steps ahead of him all the way.
He made sure he was available during our critical periods and always followed through with commitments.
He always challenged others to think more critically and to always look for what is missing.
If there are critical situations - you don't even have to think, he will be there for you.
Honest and respectful in their criticism and always willing to help any of his teammates.
You always know where you are at with him, which is critical when things are moving fast.
He will ask for help if he needs it and accept help or criticism when it is given.
He can be critical though to the meaning of getting the best out of everybody.
He knows what is critical and is willing to be flexible about anything else.
He used to be the "Munnabhai" for him in many of the critical situations.
He's graceful under criticism, and is always there for his coworkers.
John makes those around him feel like we are critical to his success.
He's very critical of himself and the things he attaches his name to.
Interacting with him on several critical issues has been insightful.
Moreover, he critically analyses them and come up with new own ideas.
Additionally, his passion is not only infectious but also critical.
John could always be counted on to come through on critical tasks.
Another of his gifts is he gives him new vocabulary (it's critical).
John is very fair with his critics and was always approachable.
John is critical, but he also gives compliments when necessary.
John went over and above to help him out in a critical timeframe.
He appreciates outside criticism and tries to take it on board.
He should be the immediate choice for any critical assignment.
There's an impatience about him that isn't critical of others.
John has this and many other critical abilities in abundance.
His feedback is valuable and never comes across as criticism.
His only criticism would be that he is impossible to replace.
Our company when he is critical of something, John is always helpful.