Crystal Reports Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Crystal Reports Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very good at delegating and getting the most out of the developers who report to him.
John develops unparalleled loyalty among him reports as well as him colleagues.
His commitment to developing those who reported to him was also highly commendable.
John's strengths certainly lie in developing his direct reports.
John led several reporting developments which delivered into my area.
He always worked to further develop those who reported to him.
He is also very focused on developing his direct reports so that they can be the best they can be.
He has contributed significantly in developing of transparent reporting and analysis.
I am also impressed with how he develops and inspires his direct reports.
He does an exceptional job in developing the individuals that report to him.
For people who reported to him, he developed and mentored them.
He always gets reported out on time and makes us aware of meetings, courses and other developments.
John makes the motivation and development of his directs reports seem effortless.
He actively looked for new and challenging opportunities to develop his reports.
We collaborate primarily to develop our company reports and during the budget/forecast intervals.
His knowledge and abilities not only help him to develop his direct reports, but, others that don't necessarily report directly to him.
I've seen him develop his direct reports (and helping to develop his client's employees).
He was always a pleasure to deal with and no development or reporting task was ever too small.
He is an absolute pleasure to report into and has really helped me develop my career.
John took an interest in developing his direct reports to maximize their potential.
He developed and deployed interactive reports based on user/business preferences.
He recognises and develops the potential and talent of those reporting to him.
John help develop robust reporting tools and structures, making monthly reporting very efficient.
John was involved in the development and rollout of our new reporting system.
John also goes out of his way to spend time with each of his reports on professional development.
John always kept the employees reporting to him on track so our development initiatives would be complete on time.
He also gets the best out of his direct reports, developing their careers and skill sets.
John actively encourages his reports to challenge themselves in their development and is well respected by his coworkers.
John also listened to the folks who reported to him, and he took a keen interest in their development and growth.
John reported to me and with time we developed partnering relation.
His report and recommendations were very helpful during the development project.
I was one of his direct reports for about one year, and was grateful for the opportunities he gave me to develop.
Constantly doing side-by-side selling and pursuing the development of his direct reports.
He is one of the rare bosses that can quickly and effectively develop his direct reports.
He has developed several of his direct reports to the next level, including myself.
John spends significant time mentoring and developing those reporting to him.
He develops a trust with him reports that is strong and is reflected in their work.
John is also a compassionate man, who protects, nurtures, and develops those who report to, as well as those around, him.
He developed the format for a daily status report that we adopted by other departments.
Most of the people who reported to him grew to be successful.
His reports are detailed and thorough and were always provided on time.
He always made sure the development team knows what consumers are reporting and suggest corrective actions.