Cultured Performance Review Phrases Examples

Cultured Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John not only sets the right culture in an organization, he is the culture.
Importantly, he also got our culture, something that can often be missed.
And he had the ability to do so across very different cultures.
He creates a culture wherever he goes and makes sure to get everyone else around him to do the same.
And if you're looking for someone who can add to the culture, well he can do that as well.
He has cultural awareness that allows him to easily move between very different cultures.
John is very culturally connected but also retains his own perspective on that culture.
He can cue in on the client's culture and know exactly how to focus on that culture.
He knows what need to be done and how to do it, cross different business cultures.
In addition, that he is always willing to learn something new and various cultures.
John has often been described as the "cultural heartbeat of the organisation".
Jobs he has sent him have always been relevant, both technically and culturally.
John knows culture, luxury, automotive, innovation and even more culture.
This made him appreciate the diversity in applying/implementing cultures.
He does this while instilling culture and value among his organization.
He really gets to know the organisation, its culture and how it works.
He fitted well into our culture, and was well liked by his colleagues.
His knowledge goes beyond one or two categories, even beyond cultures.
John would make up the culture of any team/organization really well.
He'll also advise you on the different cultures at the various firms.
He also knows how to deal with different cultures and geographies.
Respects all the different cultures that he comes in contact with.
In addition to all that, it's what he contributes to the culture.
John is very thorough in describing the company and its culture.
He would have an immediate impact on any organization or culture.
One of the most important changes in his opinion was the culture.
John knows more about pop culture than anyone in the industry.
And, he does this well across industries, cultures, and layers.
John has worked with many different cultures across projects.
He can mould himself, according to company value and culture.
John is also very international, and can our company with any culture.
Apart from that, the culture of appreciation in him was great.
He gets along with people from different cultures really good
This comes from his experience across industries and cultures.
He is well organized and gives his best in his our company culture.
He can our company with everyone, every culture and nationality.
He makes things our company in any environment, in any culture.
Our company one gets the importance of "culture" more than John.
Our company knowledgeable of John and the different cultures.