Curious Performance Review Phrases Examples

Curious Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is curious, wants to take on more, and is always looking for the best way to contribute.
Innovative, curious and challenging, he is always looking to get out of the mainstream.
John is curious about new things, just like him, as well as structured when doing projects.
He is also very curious and always looking for new ways to be better at what he does.
Every encounter that we have made him both more knowledgeable and more curious.
He has always been curious and is not bashful about asking how something works.
He is always available to help someone and curious to learn from the others.
He is curious to know what you do, why you do it and is genuinely interested.
John is relentlessly curious and always trying new things in his life.
He's curious about all the right things and knows how to get stuff done.
He is always unassumingly curious about many things, if not everything.
John has been someone without limits; always curious and willing to learn.
He's obviously very curious to learn as much about them as possible.
John is always curious if there is a better way to get things done.
He is always curious and looking for the next business opportunity.
He's very curious, dedicated and always willing to help and learn.
He is curious in the new technologies and also very knowledgeable.
Reach out to him, even if you are simply curious about your brand.
He never assumes anything and is very-very curious about things.
One of his best traits is that he's truly and genuinely curious.
He is not only hard working but he is also curious to know more.
Always curious in new things even if he doesn't know that area.
John is always thorough, informed and intellectually curious.
John is not afraid of asking the curious and the right questions
John has always been pragmatic and curious about new technology.
John is curious about why something works or why it does not.
Technically strong and always curious about how things our company.
He is curious and willing to learn new things all the our company.
He is also very curious and passionate about his our company.