Custodial Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Custodial Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John never refuses you when you ask him for help and always motivated his co-workers.
Ability to motivate and used in the best way capacities of his co-workers.
Great worker and always motivated to do well in whatever he does.
Leading co-workers along the way with his wisdom and motivation.
Knowledgeable and confident, he had enormous influence on his co-workers.
Manages his employees by example and motivates his workers beyond their own expectations.
Him the invaluable ability to do so has made him and his co-workers better and more motivated.
He also motivates all his co - workers and pushes us further when we have difficulties.
This makes it easier for him to motivate his co-workers, even more than they were
He motivates his co-workers through inspiration and encouragement.
Being positive, he understands the value of motivated co-workers.
Besides that, he was a hard worker, responsible and cooperative.
John can focus on many tasks at once and is always an inspiration to his co-workers.
He routinely went above and beyond to help himself and other co-workers with problems and questions we had.
He listens to co-workers and is extremely thorough and timely in following through with commitments.
Somehow, among all of that, he still always has time for a question from a co-worker.
John's positive attitude is another strength, his co-workers appreciate about him.
He even takes the time out of his day to help his other co-workers in need.
He dedicates time to his co-workers and listens before reacting.
He acknowledges that co-workers are often your friends & family.
John also has the ability to make co-workers feel like family.
He interacted very well with co-workers and made his job much easier.