Customer Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He helped account management team with customer satisfaction always in his radar.
His passion for branding and management is only surpassed by his desire to deliver the highest in customer account management.
John is a professional and customer focused account manager, with the ability to focus on customer requirements to ensure that each solution is relevant to his customer.
I would recommend him to anybody looking for great customer care and account management.
John is a wonderful account manager; always available to his customers and willing to help them to maximize their investment.
I got to know him as a very dedicated account manager with a good eye for the customers needs and interests.
He is passionate about solving customer issues and can manage a large account very effectively.
John is a brilliant account manager never losing customer's perspective and never giving up.
This puts him a step above the rest when it comes to a customer focused account manager.
An excellent "down to earth" account manager with a great commitment to his customers.
John is a customer focused account manager who can balance the needs of the customer with the business requirements of his own company.
He takes personal accountability for customer satisfaction, including contact with customers.
He took the initiative to customize his own training and take on the challenge to start managing accounts.
He stands out amongst account managers with an always positive attitude, and was well liked by his peers, customers and suppliers.
John successfully managed different key accounts, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.
He managed key customer accounts and always delivered on objectives with very aggressive timelines.
John was focused, diligent in providing the utmost customer service to each of his accounts and provided his clients with account management and respect as if each were him only account.
He manages every detail of his accounts, making sure his customer's needs are well understood and properly handled.
John is a detail oriented account manager who is dedicated to his customer's success.
In the mean time, he calmly manages the account with his excellent customer management skills.
He has done an exceptional job managing each one of his many accounts and fostering those relationships with his customers.
John's professional demeanor and dedication to his customers makes him an incredible account manager.
John is a very customer focused account manager, while at the same time he achieves his challenging targets.
He is a phenomenal account manager, and keeps his customers' best interests in mind when making decisions.
He always had a brilliant customer satisfaction rating and it was a pleasure to interface with the customers he was assigned to because they appreciated his interface and account management.
John demonstrates excellence as an account manager by optimally serving both his employer and his customers.
John is very energetic, focused and committed to customer needs as well as the account managers he works with.
He managed everything to the detail and then he meticulously followed-up with our customers.
He partnered well with the account management and the alliance teams was great with customers.
John has been a customer service champion when it came to managing our accounts.
John likes to challenge his peers, management and customer for the ultimate benefit of his customers.
He cared about his customers and went out of his way to provide excellent account management.
John was an excellent manager, who was always thought to both customers and employees.
He is a highly experienced account manager focused on delivering solutions that are right for the customer.
John is a dedicated account manager, very much focused on customer satisfaction and very prompt & professional in addressing customer requests.
He quickly built trust with our management and account teams, our customers and prospects.
John is an excellent account manager and nurtures good account management skills to take the account to the next level by maintaining a great relationship with the customer.
John's customers knew he cared for them and he was willing to go the extra mile as their account manager.
He is confident in his ability to proactively manage his accounts, avoiding potential issues to customers and suppliers.
He easily managed large, sometimes troublesome accounts, and has a knack for connecting with customer needs and pains.
He is customer focused and a great asset to any company who is fortunate to have him as their account manager.
He was a very capable and dynamic account manager, always keeping the customer and the company at top of mind.
John is the account manager that customers appreciate and want to engage and do business with.
John is an excellent account manager with very good focus and understanding of the overall customer landscape.
John is known as very good account executive managing customer expectations effectively.
John is truly devoted to his customers, a quality you don't always find in account managers.
He is accessible, professional and above all else accountable to his customers.
His ability to manage accounts, customers and partners are straightforward and professional.
His ability to support multiple account managers and customers was outstanding.
He is one of those rare delivery managers who has spent significant time in customer facing and account management roles.
John is dedicated manager who is always striving for excellence in customer satisfaction.
His management style made him popular with his subordinates and customers, alike.
John's professionalism and him customer-centric attitude fostered very strong customer loyalty inside his accounts.
John was a very effective and professional account manager when he was managing one of the most difficult customers in the region.
He knows how to win new accounts, service current accounts and win back older customers.
He is a dream account manager - with attention to every detail, very proactive and customer-oriented.
His customer centric approach is not just an asset for the companies he works for, but also for the customers he manages.
John deals well with ambiguity, he is a great professional always managing his customer accounts.
I can tell he is a fantastic account manager and cares very much about his customers as well as his vendors.
He's relentless in his pursuits, engaging as an account manager, and truly cares about his customers.