Customer Account Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Account Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

In his role of account representative, he kept in touch with us as his customers, and was more than ready and able to address areas of concern.
He is very accountable and reliable and adds value in his interactions with his customers.
John has always been responsive, accountable, and keeps the best interest of the company & the customer in mind.
John took on some of the most challenging accounts and turned them around to be profitable and happy customers.
John's character is beyond approach and always revered by those he met within my customer accounts.
John also built great rapport with his customers, which provided him insight into his accounts.
John is always available to answer questions, maintain accountability and customize workouts.
John is very customer-centric, always taking accountability to ensure issues were resolved.
John is everything you want in a customer-facing account management/analyst role.
His customers trust him completely and this is reflected the growth of his accounts.
He's accountable and committed to delivering results on behalf of the customer.
John is an experienced account exec who listens to what the customer wants.
John's abilities to nurture and grow customer accounts is second to none.
He is capable to handle large customer accounts without any difficulties.
The way he handled some of the critical customer accounts is commendable.
He analyses and ensures the receipt before posting to customer account.
He's very customer-centric, whether it be a small or large account.
John helped turn around the account by keeping the customer first.
He talks with customers easily and is able to articulate account performance and problems with the accounts.
He represents him customers very strongly, but still balances the needs of his company at all times.
He displayed great leadership in representing the customer voice.
John works well with both the candidates, he represents and the customers he is serving.
He is detailed, accountable and perfectly in tune with both my needs and those of my customers.
He works well with the customers and will always go above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy.
When he is working with your customer, he treats them like they are the only customer he has.
This all to keep the customer on track and successful; he works together with the customer.
He is great with working with customers and the customers really like him.
He understands his customers and is passionate about his customers' work.
John is very professional, accountable and customer oriented.
He didn't pressure the customer, but kept in contact until the time was right and he acquired the account.
He is excellent with customers - tacking some of our most complex and demanding accounts.
He is responsible, accountable and is always concerned for his clients and customers.
When brought into a situation that he wants to win but does not know the customer well, he can easily gain the customer's trust and get traction on the account.
He was very organized and represented the customers' interests very well.
I have worked with him for many accounts and he always tries to bring out the best value proposition for the customer.
He was accountable, knowledgeable and consistently went above and beyond to make it happen for the customer.
He is passionate in what he does, accounting for the excellent relationship he has with his customers.
Our customers loved him and asked for him by name to work on their accounts.
I'd feel very comfortable having him work on any of my customer accounts.
He always knew the customers very well and delivered not only to his team, but also always to the customer.
His forecasts were right on for each of our key account customers, which positively affected our turn time and customer satisfaction.
He has established an outstanding rapport with the customer and our partners in this account.
He helped me focus on the customer at accounts and avoid mistakes.
His customers felt lucky to have him calling on their accounts.
John knows his accounts, because he takes the time to understand what drives his customers.
Additionally, his conscientious demeanor towards our customers made it very easy to go deeper and wider in our accounts.
He is the perfect account quarterback that knows best what the customer's needs often long before they discover them.
John displays the type of dedication, accountability and desire to please customers that is second to none.
He is always taking the students individual needs into account and customizing his lessons accordingly.
John acquired most of these accounts and systematically grew them into the company's largest customers.
His accounts and customers always appreciated his diligence and attention in anticipating their needs.
John's dedication and ability to understand the customers to turn around accounts are exceptional.
He uses a true holistic approach to each account and makes sure that the customer comes first.
He handled the major accounts and established great rapport among many of the customers.
He was able to find new opportunities in existing accounts and bring on new customers.
John was even able to salvage troubled accounts and make them loyal customers again.
His sense of accountability to the group and customer advocacy is first class.
He sees the bigger picture within accounts and understands customer needs.
John ran escalation and customer satisfaction for a number of my accounts.
He was a great account representative who always had really positive customer service feedback.