Customer Advocate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Advocate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John always brought the voice of the customer into his recommendations and solutions, and he was always advocating for customer needs.
John has always been an advocate and valuable partner for his customers.
John is an excellent customer advocate; he knows his product well and understands the needs of his customers.
John is an absolutely dedicated advocate for his customers, who is willing to take both the time and effort to ensure his customer's satisfaction.
John is also a stalwart customer advocate, his customers love him as much as his colleagues and that says a lot.
John is a passionate advocate for customers and for technology choices that help customers.
He is a big customer advocate and was closely involved in many customer implementations.
I've always found him to be dedicated and a strong advocate for what's right and what is best for the customer.
John has taken various different roles and have already been able to strongly advocate the customer.
He advocates for customer needs and effectively balances them with the needs of the organization.
Supporting all of this, he was always a passionate and empathetic advocate for the customer.
He always put the customer's needs first and was their biggest advocate within our company.
John has always found a way to exceed his quota while being an advocate for his customer.
John has proven himself to be an articulate and thoughtful advocate for our customers.
John is very committed and persistent, and advocates passionately for his customers.
His enthusiasm and passion was contagious, and he always advocated for his customers.
John has always been a great customer advocate and he did so without going native.
He's a customer advocate and always focuses on doing the right things the right way.
He is easily approachable and someone who advocates the customer first and always.
He is not only an advocate for his customers, but he is also a tremendous teammate.
John has always followed through on his word and being a great customer advocate.
He is a tenacious advocate for our customers and always does the right thing.
John was certainly an asset to the company and an advocate of the customer.
He balances the ability to advocate for both our company as well as his customers.
He is always going above and beyond to help solve problems and educate customers; he's truly a customer advocate.
He is someone that customers come back to because of his work ethic and desire to please our customers.
He was very hard working, customer focused and went out of his way to help him customers.
John worked through some very difficult customer with flying customers.
He pushes the company for improving and delivering customer need, acting as an advocate for the customer.
He was an advocate for each customer and did a great job of being the interface between the company and their customers.
He is a passionate customer advocate - ensuring focus on what really matters - customer delight.
Later, as a customer advocate, his insight into customer experience is invaluable to the whole organization.
John's customers know that he will do everything he can to advocate for them as individuals, as well as their organization's success.
He understands the customers and is an effective advocate for them within the organization.
He is honest, dependable, determined and always an advocate for his customer.
John was also a great advocate for the customer inside his organization.
He is results driven, focused, passionate advocate of the customer as well as a tough customer to please.
He always acts as an advocate for his customers and is diligent in his dealings with customers and peers as well.
John respects the importance of customer experience and is a true customer advocate.
He truly advocates for the customer, ensuring that the customer's needs are matched by the strategies and goals of the organization.
He has a strong ability to really focus on customer needs, and serving as the customer advocate within the organization.
He is a customer advocate, determined to find the right solutions to meet the customers needs.
He presented himself very well and always came across as a helpful advocate for the customer.
He always acted in the best interest of his employer, while advocating for his customers.
He was great at being the customer advocate and in looking for the best solution for them.
Furthermore, he is excellent at briefing customers and advocating solutions.
John's focus on advocating for the customer is at the core of his success.
He is an advocate for solutions that help customers, not just 'what's hot'.
John is excellent at quickly diagnosing a customer or prospect's needs and then acting as an advocate for his customer within the organization.
First, he is a great customer advocate within his organization, really listening to customers and then willing to challenge the status quo.
He is self-motivated, highly determined, a customer advocate and extremely responsive to customer needs.
He is a staunch advocate for him customer and won't stop until they have exactly what they need to succeed.
He is an advocate for his customers, being adapted at understanding and being responsive to their needs.
John was a really good advocate for our customers and very passionate about getting them successful.
John tirelessly advocates on behalf of his customers and always has their best interests in mind.
He is an advocate for the success of his company, his suppliers, his colleagues and his customers.
Furthermore, he is an effective advocate for him customers, ensuring their loyalty and longevity.
He clearly understood the value we provided to our customers and was a huge advocate for them.
He's always an advocate for the customer; however, he balances this well with the business's needs.
As an advocate for him customers he is both relentlessly curious and fiercely competitive.
He is customer focused and advocates equally well for the customer and his employer.
While always acting as a customer advocate, he balanced the customer needs with what was achieved making for very satisfied customers.
He is a great advocate for the customer and he is also very adept at closing new customers and upselling existing customers.
John puts his customers first and is a true customer advocate allowing him to exceed customer expectations.
He advocated well for his customers, yet also was not afraid to go back to customers to gain clarification of their concerns.
John is an effective and pragmatic advocate for customers and customer experience improvements.
John likes to make customers happy and he becomes a customer's best advocate with his colleagues.
The way he advocates for customers or can handle customer escalations has always impressed him.
He is an exceptional strong customer advocate who lives the customer first mantra.
John is truly a customer advocate throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
John is always on top of things, followed through on what he said he would do, was on-time, and advocated for us as customers.
He is an advocate for the customer and does not make commitments he does not believe can be kept.
John is the ultimate customer advocate, and it is because of this that he is so successful.
He goes above and beyond to ensure that he is advocating for the customer and their needs.
To some it may seem too critical, but that is how strongly he advocates for our customers.
Him customers trust him and truly believe that he is an advocate for their success.
He always has his customers' interests at heart, and has always been their advocate.
He is then, as he is now, an incredible customer advocate for doing what's right.
He is tenacious as an advocate for him prospects and later our customers.
This has involved him being the customer advocate inside of the company.
He owns his customer and knows how to advocate on their behalf.
John understands and advocates for customers and their needs.
Our company one has ever been more of a customer advocate than John.
He is also an outstanding advocate of his customers within our company.
John always has the customer in mind, which is why his customers really like him and more importantly, think of him as a partner and advocate.
He also does an excellent job of advocating for the customer to ensure that customer needs are achieved.
John acts as an advocate for him customer and ensures that not only are the companies interests addressed, but also the customer's.
He struck the right balance between being the customer advocate and also pushing back on the customer when they demanding too much.
His customers loved him and he had a special ability to advocate for his customers while doing what's best for both parties.
He consistently puts the customer first in every action taken and is an excellent advocate for customers and his company.
He's a devoted customer advocate that routinely gets recognized for always being the ambassador for his customers.
The customer-first attitude makes him a speaker of customers, and in return, makes them advocates of the company.
He is a true customer advocate, always making sure customer needs and concerns were our first priority.
John is an excellent customer ambassador and strong advocate for nonprofit customers and volunteering.
He always strives to earn the trust of his customers, and you won't find a better customer advocate.
John is a consummate customer advocate and very effective at ensuring his customer's needs are met.
He is very professional and a strong customer customer advocate.
John' dedication to being the advocate for the customer would be valuable for any company.
All above makes him a true advocate for the customer as well as for his own employees.
Always willing to advocate for his customers needs, he's a guy you want on your side.
Internally, he is constantly looking for the next big thing as a customer advocate.
John can be described as a pillar of strength and an advocate for the customer.
John then leverages the above roles to advocate on behalf of his customers.
He's truly a proxy for the customers advocating their needs and concerns.
He gets things done correctly and is a terrific customer advocate.
His passion as a customer advocate was with him each and every day.
He relentlessly advocates in delivering excellence for customers.
As a customer, he was our strongest and most passionate advocate.
He's been a passionate customer advocate, everywhere he goes.
John advocated for our company and always maintained the customer's perspective.
John is well respected within our company as a customer advocate.
John solidifies his customer relationships by looking out for them and advocating for them, and is rewarded with loyalty to those customers.
The customers see him as both a trusted advisor and customer advocate.
He got to know us, our wants and needs and was our greatest advocate.
Not only will he be your advocate but you will end up being friends.
We could always expect him to be doing what he was advocating.
He will advocate for the customer and be creative in his approach.
He is the best customer advocate in the business and always tries to protect the customer from themselves.
And he often advocated for our customers - always trying to build what was best for them and our company.
He displays passion for customers and advocates continuous learning and doing everything at the heart of the customer
When he was a customer advocate, he was well recognized by our internal and external customers.
John is an advocate of the customer and is decisive in getting the job done right the first time.
He's been an advocate for and truly the voice of the customer when it comes to crafting solutions.
With that said, he is even more committed to the customer relationship and customer experience.
But more than that, he is one of those people who is an advocate for the team and the customer.
He kept us real as we approached the customer with new ideas and was always an advocate for making sure that the customers needs were heard and understood.
He always puts the customer first and will go out of his way to ensure their experience is exceptional being a customer advocate within the enterprise.
He's also a very strong customer advocate - he'll fight for the right thing from a customer perspective and back it up with various examples.
He is an outstanding customer advocate, and you can see how much he cares about the customer and company success in everything he does.
He's viewed as a trustworthy advocate for his customers and will always ensure that the customer be successful first.
John always was a customer advocate going the extra mile to ensure that customer satisfaction was delivered.
His passion for customer success comes with ease and he is a great advocate for the voice of the customer.
John is a great customer advocate and he would go to great lengths to fight for customers' perspectives.
As a customer advocate, he was persistent and diligent - always ensuring positive customer satisfaction.
As a customer advocate, he stood strong for what the customers were asking for in our software.
Deep is a fantastic customer advocate, and in his customer facing role this is a rarity.
He thinks from customer point of view and is a true advocate of customers.
John consistently goes the extra mile for his customers and is one of the most passionate customer advocates at our company.
As a customer advocate, he sold the customers what they needed and never tried to push items that the customer could not benefit from.
John's enthusiasm for the customer is at the heart of everything he does and he could always be counted on for advocating on their behalf.
Not only is he an advocate for all his customers, he truly has a passion for what he does, and is good at it.
John emphasized being an advocate for the end user, whether that be an employee, learner, or customer.
He really knows what is best for the customer, and is a passionate advocate for continual improvement.
John would have to be one of the fiercest advocates of customer satisfaction that our company ever saw.
In addition to all this, he still maintains his strong voice as an advocate for the end customer.
His customers are strong advocates for him because they trust him and he makes them look good.
He could listen intently to the concerns of his customers and be their unrelenting advocate.
Through all of that time he has been a tireless advocate for his company and his customers.
He continuously advocates for the customer, even after him official duties are complete.
He is always an advocate for the customer experience and has saved us from many faux pas.