Customer Care Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Care Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Him caring for his customers is outstanding and he seems to take a personal stake in the success of his customers.
John has excellent design capabilities and is very receptive to customer needs and customer care.
He cares for and about his customers and freely gives the benefit of his advice.
He really cares about his clients and the people he represents.
He continually demonstrates that his first concern is to take care of the customer.
John doesn't just stop at making sure his customers are taken care of - he goes above and beyond, creating new and unique solutions for problems the customer may not even know they have.
And, of course, he made sure that both the team members and the customers were taken care.
I learned from him there is no problem too big and above all take care of your customers.
I've always seen him go the extra yard for his customers simply because he cares.
John is a top performer that knows how to take care of his customers.
John attention to detail and care for the customer is outstanding.
He has an eye for detail and cares deeply about end-customers.
John has great insight into how to please the customer and excellent customer care skills.
He cares about the candidates, he represents and is very professional.
John is always professional and cares about the customers he serves.
His caring nature shines through when he is representing his clients.
Always willing to pitch in and go above the norm to make sure both customers and employees are taken care of the best of his ability.
He was always very thorough in taking care of his customers and aggressively looked for new clients.
He's so caring and that reflects in the way he treats his employees, his friends, and his customers.
John cares deeply about customers and spreads his enthusiasm to others in the organization.
He makes careful decisions, keeping what's best for the customer and his own company in mind.
His dedication and care about the customers' needs made him very popular with his clients.
Meticulous, concerned, and caring about the client or customer's well-being is his forte.
John has a can do attitude and treats every customer with the up most care and respect.
He sincerely cares about successful outcomes for both the organization and the customer.
He cares about his customers and clients and makes every effort to see them succeed.
He is dedicated to serving his customers and truly cares about meeting their needs.
He takes care of his clients, and customers and will go beyond their expectations.
He is reliable and goes the extra mile to make sure customers are taken care of.
He is a great team player and truly cares about the employees and the customers.
He is very reliable and cares about customer satisfaction to a fault.
His careful customer care usually leads to follow-on sales and great customer references.
He always worked hard to make sure the customer was taken care of - be it an internal or external customer.
He cares about his customers while providing them with the best solutions possible.
He is strategic, thoughtful, and always takes care of his customer.
Him integrity is beyond him care and doing what is right for the customer and company is excellent.
I know he takes the same special care with all his customers as he does with me.
John is inventive, caring, customer focused and knowledgeable.
He is honest, caring, thoughtful and truly cares - for his work, customers and those he works with.
He is very caring and personable and the customer is his first priority.
He knows how to motivate his employees and cares for his customers and partners.
He was always on top of things and made sure that all the customers he had to visit each day were taken care of to the fullest.
John always provides thorough feedback about cooperation and takes care about subordinates as well as the customers.
John showed me what it looks like to take care of people-our customers, our venders, and one another.
John takes care of his customers well, and does not expect others to do his job in this manner.
You can always count on him to take good care of the customer and he will get the job done.
He is solution oriented, and truly cares about seeing his customer's success and growth.
He is customer-focused, cares about people and solves the right problems.
It helps that he cares deeply about customers and their problems and drives the team to deliver value to customers.
He builds great relationships with customers and genuinely cares about his customers and coworkers.
He places customers first and will never try to sell something he doesn't believe in or that isn't the right fit for the customer.
He takes customer care very seriously and balances that very well with looking after his team.
He provided outstanding customer care and always went above and beyond the call of duty.
He always goes out of his way to take care of his customers, friends, and team mates.
John really cares about the success of his team as well as the customers' mission.
John cares deeply about his mission, him customers and him team.
He is customer focused, but cares even more about the employees under his direction.
John's cares about his clients and customers and will bend over backwards to understand the customer's need so as to forge a stronger partnership.
He truly cares about his customers and takes great pride in achieving revenue targets and customer satisfaction.
John is very much customer focused, but never loses sight that he also represents a company.