Customer Focus Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Focus Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He can find the right approach with any client, even the most critical one.

He is always polite and friendly with his customers. John never interrupts them during a conversation.

Cares about the clients’ comfort and convenience.

Finds a way to inform the client about any unexpected changes if any of occur during the work process.

Tries to provide the customers with detailed information on any specific issue which they are interested in.

Works well with customers in meeting their needs and solving their problems.

Understands how to listen to customers and find out the details which make a big difference when dealing with clients.

He works well with clients. His clients never complain about him.

He is good at keeping customers happy.

He demonstrates how providing excellent customer service has a lasting effect on customer relationships and customer retention.

He works effectively with clients.

Focuses on the needs of customers, which makes it easy to meet their needs effectively.

Has strong listening skills that help in understanding the needs of customers.

Knows how to deal with challenging customers politely without being aggressive or harsh.

Makes an extra effort to keep customers accurately informed.

Does not know how to tell customers to wait for their turn tactfully.

Does not listen to the customers well, which ends up to misunderstandings.

He spends too much time communicating with clients over the phone.

John can deal with the everyday customer service situations, but with complex issues, he is not flexible and does not know what action to take.

He cannot maintain relationships with his customers well.

His customers always give him low marks in the customer satisfaction surveys.

John does not understand how to deal with a difficult customer. He passes difficult customers to his supervisor frequently.

Great support, fantastic response, good work ethics and so on.

John has been a great client to deal with.

John was understanding and supportive, demanding and kind at the same time.

Works towards maximal customer satisfaction.

Highly professional, extremely detailed and great quality.

If you are looking for an average customer experience, don't see John.

John has an unwavering commitment to customer service and delivery.

John was focused on the customer, intent on providing and ensuring a quality experience throughout the customer lifecycle process.

Great in front of a customer and yet very good at understanding the technical detail and customer requirements.

John has come to my aid again in helping me to make contact with a special client of interest.

Always willing to help you with all your contact requests.

Excellent and professional service with good results.

John is very approachable and friendly.

I was impressed by John' service and detailed product offerings.

A great representation of personal touch based services.

Always has an explanation that is understandable and is always professional and polite.

I was very impressed with the professionalism, the service and the information given.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If anyone wants further information, please contact me.

Always a friendly smile and always willing to go the extra mile to assure a customer has been helped in any and every way.

John has always provided great service to all my clients.

John's professionalism assists and confirms my profile and relationship with my clients.

I can highly recommend John's service and customer care.

Feedback from clients has always been excellent.

Great mentor and amazing customer service skill.

John is a very likeable, knowledgeable and extremely competent individual.

Always ready for that extra mile to assist and help and ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to John, we are in regular contact with our clients.

We also worked together providing services to clients.

Thank you so much for supporting my clients, the feedback has been amazing.

John is very responsible and friendly person who able to learn very fast.

John is an expert on customer service and relationship.

Our clients were very satisfied about the process and have gained new contacts.

John is a focused and committed client services professional in the financial services space.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me on my personal line.

Great at customer service and would go above and beyond.

Maintains good relations with customers and guides them in fulfillment of their self and organization objectives.

John's strongest attribute is customer service.