Customer Satisfaction Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Satisfaction Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His flexibility with our budgeting and scheduling needs has been most appreciated.
John is absolutely committed to providing exceptional customer service.
John will go the extra mile to educate and provide real value to his clients and he has earned our gratitude and loyalty over the many years we have had the pleasure to know him.
He is flexible, professional and extremely well thought of by his peers.
I'm very happy with the service which was provided, but most importantly the business relationship which has flourished throughout the years.
John knows more about social media than just about anyone in the business.
John is professional, knowledgeable and creative and able to work with clients at any level.
His commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond reproach.
He kept the client certification rating in good shape.
John clearly values each and every client and goes far and beyond to provide an exceptional service.
This is the greatest value for a service provider.
His attention to details, performance and customer satisfaction is extensive.
He is careful to understand the real problems.
John was able to deal with difficult situations in a charming and efficient manner, protecting the company at all times.
He is good at what he does and is also flexible when working with busy clients.
John is undeniably one of the best when it comes to social media marketing.
He's specialized in closing a deal within one single phone call.
In my dealings with John, he has always been very professional, efficient and effective.
Above all is John's attitude to his clients and his determination to provide the highest levels of service.
The clients have been happy with the service too.
He is truly passionate about the well being of others and providing exceptional customer service.
He is a pleasure to deal with and always willing to go the extra distance.
The service provided was awesome.
Customer service and going the extra mile is very important attributes for John.
He is someone who is willing to "go the extra mile" to make sure that his clients receive the best possible media exposure.
John has a high attention to detail, and is exceptionally professional in his communication with his clients and suppliers.
John is one of the few people out there that really understand how to use social media in business.
He is a brilliant digital media and marketing professional.
His passion for customer service is remarkable.
He has a keen eye for relationship building, client service and customer satisfaction.
He's professional and empathetic.
John understood our business and the best avenues to market our services to potential clients.
John is a resourceful and creative professional who cares deeply about providing the best in class services to his clients.
He's also able to manage timelines, budgets, and keep clients happy.
John has exceptional customer service skills.
His communication and customer service skills were exceptional and I was able to learn from him.
His ability to calm angry or frustrated customers is unparalleled.
He is well known in the industry among both his colleagues and clients for his high level of professionalism and dedication to providing the highest level of service to his clients and the company.
He has trained all levels and really cares for all clients.
The way he communicates is beyond satisfaction.
John is passionate about the services that he provides.
John provides a first rate service to clients.
Not only exceptionally creative, he is very professional in his dealings, and conscientious in the service he provides to his clients.
He really cares about the service he provides and despite the distance he always kept the best and smoothest communication possible.
He always thinks about clients and users first.
He successfully manages a network of service providers and customers independently.
He also has the ability to clearly communicate the social media marketing concepts to business people who are not necessarily expert in marketing or social media.
He is friendly, efficient and has a passion for marketing promotions.
The clients enjoyed working with him because of his knowledge and customer service.
His service was very professional.
While a super-sharp professional, John is also an empathetic service provider.
He is patient and professional.
He works at the highest level possible to provide his customers, partners and teammates with superb customer service.
He manages business efficiently and guarantees superior client satisfaction.
He always understands customer needs and sells the value to customers.
John is extremely professional, created with fantastic attention to detail.
He has always been willing to go the extra distance.
John always provides his clients with exceptional service and expertise and represents his clients in a very professional manner.
He pays much attention to small details, and his work is artistic and creative.
He is very efficient and extremely service oriented.
He looks after the wellbeing of the customer and knows customers' expectations, and which customer issues to escalate.
He made significant contributions to our customer satisfaction initiatives and he always went above and beyond for our customers.
His first priority is customer satisfaction, and he constantly goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are happy.
Every customer's request or need that arrived for him got the immediate attention to the best satisfaction of his customer.
John is willing to take on any challenge to get the customer what he wants and above all what the customer needs.
John taught him to always think about the customer and why the things you are doing matters to that customer.
Bottom-line to him though, was customer satisfaction; because without the customer there was nothing.
We made several customer visits together and he was liked by all customers and associates
When it comes to his customers, he puts the customer first and ahead of his own needs.
He knows how to make each customer feel like they are the only & favorite customer.
For him, the customers are it, and he gives a lot of himself to help customers.
His first concern was always his customer, and any impacts to his customers.
He knows what customers need and also knows how to serve customers better.
He brought in new customers as well as reconnecting with past customers.
Above all, he treats our customers as just that - customers, not users.
John's customer centric vision made him very well liked by his customers.
His success is reflected in customer wins and customer satisfaction.
He wants to make customers successful and customers like him.
Not only customers we have shared, but himself as a customer.
One would never know he had so much going on, it was as though we were his only customer.
John always did what he said he would do and followed up with us as customers.
He never gives up until he gives the customers full satisfaction.
The best about him is that he is always there for his customers.
John will do whatever needs to be done to get and keep customers.
He knows the customer always comes first and he believes, and teaches, that there should be no barriers to customer satisfaction.
He is passionate for customers and has been instrumental is several initiatives that are around customer satisfaction.
They say it always takes one first customer to sign up with you and believe in you, and he was that very first and crucial customer for us.
John will go out of his way to make sure the customer gets more than expected and he truly believes that the customer always comes first.
Most of all, he is very insightful and understands the customers' needs very well, sometimes even better than the customer himself.
John also takes pride in following up with his customers after he had sold to them, to help increase customer satisfaction.
John can see and articulate what customers are trying to accomplish before the customer knows how to say it themselves.
He never over sold the customer and always made the customer feel that he was always looking out for our company interest.
John knows precisely what the customers are looking for and delivers the required to customer with pure satisfaction.
John is well liked by our customers and he was able to increase the level of customer satisfaction and retention.
He identifies what it is the customer wants or needs and then ensures that is what he can deliver to his customer.
He has an excellent understanding of customer needs and his commitment to customer satisfaction is impressive.
He would go the extra distance for customer satisfaction and was incredibly popular with all of our customers.
John provided outstanding perspective as our "voice of the customer" when we didn't have many customers.
He always made himself available and was customer centric for both internal/external customer request.
John understands the value of a satisfied customer and makes himself available to all his customers.
His dealings with customers overall has been outstanding and customer's needs are always exceeded.
John not only understands the challenges of his customers, but he identifies with the customer.
The way he handles the customers are imposing, and he is very much respected by the customers.
He focuses on our customers, and how we can improve cross selling and customer satisfaction.
He always puts the customers first, offering to him customers the best possible treatment.
He understood the needs of the customer and put the customer first in everything he did.
He empathizes customers so well that our customers trust him as their own employee.
Him customer satisfaction ratings from our internal customers have been outstanding.
His customers and potential customers genuinely like him and so do his colleagues.
He really feels what customers think and he is always 'wearing customer's hat'.
His attention to customer's need and availability to customer is commendable.
It has been a pleasure both to have him as a customer and to be his customer.
John knows how to anticipate customer needs and ensure customer success.
He understands his customers and the environment that his customers inhabit.
His dealings with him and his customers were positive and customer focused.
He found to be too customer-centric, and loyal to his esteemed customers.
His customer centric approach made sure that customers were happy.
At the end of the day, this customer became one of our company's top customers.
He makes sure that what he does is the best for his customer and will make sure that others are also doing our company.
If you need something done, he always goes above and beyond to help you and more importantly the customer.
He makes sure that an appropriate resolution is made, and always is attentive in customer satisfaction.
Not only does he go above and beyond for his customers, he will do the very same for his colleagues.
He is one of the best at what he does and will always help out both his colleagues and his customers.
He goes out of his way to make sure his customers get everything they need and are satisfied.
He follows through and will evangelize your needs and does what is right by his customers.
John's mission is not only to achieve customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction.
You'll see for yourself he stands out in the crowd when it comes to customer satisfaction.
His customers soon realize he has their well being and overall satisfaction in mind.
He really does go over and above for not only his customer, but also his coworkers.
He understands the value of what he is saying and it comes across to the customer.
He does not settle for anything less than complete satisfaction of his customers.
He is always willing to do whatever it would take to make his customers happy.
He will never let you down and will always strive to do right by his customers.
John would always make himself available to help another teammate, or customer.
He knows exactly what the customer wants and how to get it to them, plus some.
He's going to always do well because the customer always comes first for him.
But more than that, he needs to know that it is also good for the customer.
John knows his customers and always trying to do the right thing for them.
He's always willing to try out new ways of getting through to our customers.
He also found ways, how we can together contribute to customer satisfaction.
You will wonder how you ever lived without him, and so will your customers.
He knows who the customers are, what they want and need, and he delivers.
Unlike almost everyone else, he never took advantage of being the customer.
He's willing to think out of the box and do what's best for the customer.
John made sure all his customers came first and all their needs were met.
He will make it right for the customer or keep at it until it is right.
He knows his stuff and uses it to help us know more about our customers.
He knows the customer and their needs much more than they themselves do.
He always seems to do what is best for long-term customer satisfaction.
He's very helpful and does everything he can to help all his customers.