Customer Service Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provided our customers with the very best customer service.
He goes above and beyond to support and assist his clients.
John provided me with outstanding service and support and service.
He is the ultimate in customer service to his clients.
He gives his best services to the customer.
He always provided clients with the best possible service.
Him customer service to each client is remarkable.
John provided the best customer service.
John provided excellent customer service to our clients.
John provided customer service excellence to every customer he came in contact with and supported.
John provides outstanding customer service to his clients.
John has provided services for our clients.
He makes sure he follows up with customers and provides the best customer service possible.
John provides his clients with unparalleled service and support.
John provides exceptional customer service to his clients.
John provided excellent customer service to my account.
He is very customer service oriented and always looks to do his very best for his customers.
Knowledgeable about his services and knows how to best help him clients.
John is the epitome of customer service and support.
He goes above and beyond to service his clients.
He made sure his customers got the very best of service.
He provided excellent customer service to his clients, customers and associates.
He provided outstanding customer service and was always available to help his clients.
John assisted several of my clients with terrific service.
His customer service goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients.
Their customer service and support are excellent.
Excellent customer service and provides the best package for my clients.
Anyone considering his services should look forward to his assistance.
Finally, he provides excellent customer service to his clients.
I was his customer, and he provided outstanding customer service.
Our clients loved him, as he was all about customer service.
He provides exceptional customer service for his clients.
John is the best of the best in client services.
He goes out of his way to support others and provides an excellent customer service.
John provides exceptional customer service to all of his clients.
John is very customer focused and provides excellent support services for his customers.
He really wants to know all about the service he does support.
We were very satisfied with the customer service and support.
John has gone above and beyond with customer service.
When it came to professional services and customer service his services was always top notch.
John is very supportive of his clients.
He truly wants to do the best for his employer and for his customers.
He goes out of his way to support his clients.
John will go out of his way to assist him clients.
John always does his best to support his clients.
John goes out of his way to support his customers.
John goes above and beyond to support his clients.
I look forward to seeing him do the same for any employer that would consider him employment.
He always goes above and beyond to assist his clients.
Again, he just gets it, and is always supportive of his clients.
He just uses it to help his clients get more customers.
Therefore, the clients that are serviced by his company receive the best possible service.
He has great depth in customer service and technical support services.
You'll be glad that you've hired his services, he is all about customer service.
John's focus is customer service and service delivery.
John provides superior services to my clients with remediation services.
He understands customer service and the value of the service of recruiters.
To John the customer always deserves the best service and thorough service.
Outstanding service, proactive approach to customer service.
John has serviced several of my clients and continues to provide them with his services.
Additionally, he has an excellent customer service ethic and is always willing to go the extra mile for his customers, which in turn allows his team to provide excellent service to our own customers.
He provides excellent customer services, and ensures that everyone is serviced in an efficient and timely manner.
Without his intelligence, dedication and patience (customer service) this service would not have been successful.
And thanks to his input and help, customer service is now realizing a service level which is satisfactory.
John provides a great service at competitive rates, and with customer service that goes above and beyond.
He really knows what it takes to maintain a customer service organization with the emphasis on service.
He provides the highest level of customer service and is an expert in pre-boarding services.
As a service provider he always delivered results with high end customer service.
John's discount services not only didn't compromise service, we received much better service than from other national companies.
His customer service exceeded others that worked with him, we never heard a customer complaint and his customer service surveys were always spot on.
John takes customer service to the next level, truly taking ownership of the services he provides for his clients.
He understands what customer service truly means and provides his clients with first-rate service.
John incorporates outstanding customer service by meeting all of his customer needs and going above and beyond what could be expected.
John also has tremendous rapport with customers and always makes sure customer service is at the forefront of his interactions.
He provides consistent and competitive pricing for his customers and exceptional customer service.
John also looked for and resolved any area of customer service his or other customers needed.
His customer service and willingness to help debug his code with the customer is great.
John has true integrity and is committed to the customer and customer service.
He always looked at customers as partners and offered superb customer service.
A pleasure to work with, he focuses on customer value and customer service.
His customer service is exceptional and he provides positive and personalized service.
He always had very satisfied customers after they had interacted and used his services.
He understands customer service better than just about anyone you will ever meet.
Szymon was delivering customers, who later on were serviced by his departments.
He demonstrated to us how the best customer services should be accomplished.
When it comes to customer service, he knows what he's writing about.
His customer service is second to none and he always meets deadlines.
His services are as much a partner as a goods and services provided - always looking out for the customer.
John always provided our customers with exemplary service, receiving accolades from many of our top customers.
His passion for customer service has often been appreciated and commended by his employers and customers.
Frequently customers ask him to participate in crafting strategy for their customer service initiatives.
He understood the value of customers and the importance of delivering exceptional customer service.
They mirror his own customer service standards for his customers, and that is extremely important.
John's customer service focus ensures that the customer's expectations are realized.
He understands the importance of strong customer service for customers of all sizes
He gets along well with customers and champions the customers needs within the organization.
He always knows what the customer wants because he takes the time to know the customer.
He puts the service in customer service because he really does care about his customers and believes in his product.
He wants to make certain he can customize his services to what is most important to you.
His focus on customer service has always been an example for others to follow.
He listens to his customer and provides solutions, not just at service.
He puts his customers before himself, and always is there to help his clients receive the best customer service.
He is also committed to customer service and doing the right thing for the customer and is highly thought of across the organisations he looks after.
John's top priority was always the customer experience and would often go above and beyond to create a seamless service for the customer.
His approach is the epitome of excellent customer service; he never hesitates to go out of his way for both customers and colleagues.
John truly feels that the employees at his company are his customers and always gives them the highest levels of customer service.
Detailed oriented and customer focused, he is always willing to go the extra mile and deliver the best possible customer service.
The service that he provided to the customers was exceptional which caused no problems for the customers whatsoever in approval.
He relentlessly focuses on getting things done and his passion for customer service and customer satisfaction is second to none.
His excellence in customer service as well as uncanny ability to identify the needs of the customer is what make him stand out
He wants his customers to have the best advice possible and goes the extra mile to ensure that they get great customer service.
John understands the true meaning of customer service and strives to always go above and beyond the customer's expectations.
He provides a valuable service to customers who are looking to gain better insight into their customer (subscriber) base.
John always puts the customer first and ensures that the customer is taken care of and satisfied with their service.
The level of service he provides for customer gains trust and dedication between any organization and the customer.
John's customer service are extremely up to standards and is open and friendly with both colleagues and customers.
John is loyal to a fault and he gives the same exemplary customer service to his own customers as well as to us
He understands what customers require and gives excellent customer service, ensuring that all of his needs were met.
His colleagues and customers always commented on how excellent he was in delivering the utmost customer service.
But through delivering on his promises to the customer, he drove up the scores and levels of customer service.
His continually exceeded our customer's expectations with problem resolution and overall customer service.
He is always positive, extremely responsive, and provides great customer service to our shared customers.
John truly seems to understand that providing great customer service is what brings customers back.
John is a customer first employee that consistently provides the highest level of customer service.
In addition, his customer service was second to none, he really cared about his internal customers.
His customer service was awesome and would go more than the extra mile to make a customer happy.
John possesses a passion to service his customers and is truly his customer's voice in the company.
His customers always give compliment him on his excellent customer service and friendly demeanor.
He always maintained the highest level of customer service both internally and with customers.
To customers he offered superior customer service (expertise) and always went the extra mile.
Him conscientious follow-up on customer service won the lasting allegiance of his customers.
John delivers customer service to both his internal counterparts and his customers alike.
He would go that extra mile to satisfy a customer which made him excel at customer service.
Friendly, entertaining and he realises the importance of customer service and the little things that go into providing outstanding service.
He also made sure the customer was aware of service levels, and available tools to enhance their service experience.
It is so refreshing in our company where customer service seems to have died to receive such outstanding service.
In terms of customer service, he proactively identifies opportunities to enhance customer service and follows through with detailed recommendations.
John makes a difference with each customer he works with by anticipating the customer's needs, providing excellent customer service, and acting as the expert on what will be best for the customer.
Through use of his dynamic customer service benchmarking models we have been able to fine-tune our service response and provide even better customer service to clients.
You could tell that he truly cared about his customers and always went out of his way to make sure they were getting the best service possible.
He's great at providing service to whoever his "customers" are, and he always gives his all to being the best he can be at what he does.
He provides excellent customer service and you'll know everything possible is being done to get the results you're looking for.
We have also referred several customers to him for their transcription needs, and no one has been disappointed in his services.
He has always provided great customer service and if anything has ever gone wrong, he it right there to make sure it is fixed.
Customers loved him as he always provided excellent customer service and often went above and beyond what was expected.
It wasn't uncommon for him to go above and beyond to ensure only the best of service for each customer was provided.
Internally, he always fought for his customers to make sure they were getting the service and attention they needed.
John will not back down from the challenge to provide his customers with anything less than outstanding service.
John doesn't settle for the status quo and goes out of his way to make sure his customers have the right service.
By doing so his customers were more likely to stay with the service and have a better all around experience