Customer Service Administrator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We both sell cars and he takes the time to listen to the customers needs and provides true customer service.
John is very knowledgeable about customer service and improving customer relationships.
He has always been dedicated to his customers and to providing him with the best service at all times.
I whole-heartedly recommend that you keep him first in consideration when you are seeking administrative services.
He is responsive and detailed, and very customer service oriented.
John's energy and passion for customer service is infectious.
John takes the time to understand his customers needs, recommend options for his customers that will work well for the long term, and provides continuous customer service.
Use his services once and you will continue to use him for all your custom interior needs.
He has a fierce dedication to customer service and is passionate about employees.
He is customer-service oriented and dependable in every sense of the word.
During my time there, he provided excellent customer service to my group.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for bookkeeping or administrative services.
John provides outstanding service, going that one step further to help his customers find the right solutions.
He is very driven to succeed, and in doing so, provides customers with superior solutions and service.
He is extremely dedicated to providing the best possible outcome and service to his customers.
He presented his new company and services and we became a new customer almost immediately.
John's dedication to providing customer service to others is beyond anyone's expectation.
He provides great customer service and is willing to reach out and always find solutions.
He provided us with excellent customer service and a very appropriate tailored solution.
He always went out of his way to find solutions - that customer service is rare indeed.
John is always very focused and dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
John serves his customers and it shows in the service and the results he provides.
He taught me so much about customer service and creating "win/win" solutions.
We selected this company because of the great customer service he provided.
His customers appreciate the delivery on commitments and great service.
John has an unwavering commitment to customer service and delivery.
John delivers both to his customers, his service providers and his company.
His insights into customer service motivated me to get out of the office and go visit my customers.
John led the team hired to provide regional rebate administrative services and provided outstanding customer service.
He took it upon himself to fix the problem, not matter how difficult and was very customer service oriented.
He also models top notch customer service in everything he does.
I have always been able to count on him for quick responses and first rate customer service on some questions and requests we have had with our hosting services.
He was articulate, gave great customer service and also paid attention to detail in his administrative duties.
He had, great customer service skills that demonstrated patience with customers.
John continues to impress me with the excellent customer service that he provides.
He is a fast learner and an excellent administrator who does not believe in lip service.
John is very patient with customers, helpful and gives each customer all his attention.
He is focused on service and finding the best solutions, solutions for customers.
John has the attitude of an administrator and the necessary demeanor of a great customer service representative.
He goes above and beyond the call to provide excellent service to his customers.
His customer service skills and administrative abilities would make him an asset to any company.
John has a range of great skills, including customer service and administration.
He understands that each project is an opportunity to demonstrate to our customers the value we place on customer service.
John was a very well organised administrator with a customer focussed can-do attitude.
John offers the highest standard of customer service that not too many can and always will come up with the best solution for your organisation.
I've been very impressed at his ability to take these standards and use them to create new services and solutions for his customers.
He has an unwavering commitment to service and always makes the best interests of his customers him key priority.
John is honest, complete and willing to go the extra mile in trying to provide the best service for his customer.
He's dedicated to providing excellent customer service being sure to find just what we need, when we need it.
Quality customer service, listening to your needs, and delivering on promises, was always key to his success.
John understands "value" and makes an effort to create value for the customer with the services he provides.
He's very focused on providing great customer service both to the candidate and to the company.
He had been highly regarded at him careless and thoughtfulness service by many key customers.
His ability to provide outstanding service and follow up with customers goes beyond the norm.
His customer service and commitment to key stakeholders and organisation are outstanding.
John collaborates well with all disciplines and has a keen customer service focus.
He is dedicated to providing the customer the absolute best world class service.
John gave a great presentation on customer service to our company.
John provides excellent customer service; he is conscientious, detailed and on time.
John would also go over and above by calling and checking the satisfaction of the customer after the service was completed.