Customer Service Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John customers love him and him communication with customers and agents is the absolute best any company that uses him could ever ask for.
John is an agent who will go the extra mile and give you the service you deserve.
John and his team stay very close to the customers while providing excellent customer service.
John was tireless in his customer service and provided innovative solutions to many high profile customers.
John has got an excellent understanding of customer service and follows up until complete delivery of the resolution to the customer is given.
He is always looking out for what's best for his clients, agents and customers before his own interests.
He is an asset to any company that takes pride in its customer service and strives to exceed its customers' expectations.
John is a service focused agent, who truly wants the best for his clients.
He works hard for his customers and his agents to make sure everyone wins.
John is a great agent that has his focus on customer excellence.
Very partner oriented, he makes efforts to go all out to service customer requirements.
John is committed to providing the best level of service he can for his customers.
John was our travel expert and provided exceptional customer service.
John has a customer service mentality that is beyond compare.
John delivered an outstanding service and the customer team provided excellent service survey feedback.
John is an agent of change who is passionate about what he does and passionate about delivering for & with his customers.
His dedication to our customers served as a model for all the other agents.
Highly recommend him for a customer that is looking for a top-notch agent.
John was customer centric and an able change agent within the company.
John is a change agent, very enthusiastic, very customer focused.
He has great vision and relates well to agents and customers.
His company grew very rapidly because he ensured that his customers always got top notch customer service, such as zero hold times.
John was very responsive to customer needs and making sure service levels and customer satisfaction always remained very high.
He is always in control and provides his customers excellent service.
He is an independent agent and finds the right company for customers' needs.
He is known for his customer service approach and for on-time deliveries.
John is exceptional at service delivery and engaging customers.
Added to this, he is extremely focused on him customers to the extent that he will always go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service and advice.
His knowledge of freight and expertise in customer service has made him a top agent for our company.
He has such a great attitude and always goes the extra mile to help him customers and agents.
He is a motivated agent, who strives for complete customer satisfaction.
John was excellent at understanding the mix of services offered by my team and locating customers that were seeking these services.
John is an expert in customer service, leadership, strategy and organization.
He understood his channel needs thoroughly and provided exemplary customer service to his partners.
He understood the importance of providing exceptional customer service.
Him follow-up and customer service is the best in the business.
He was not just thorough and precise, but very communicative and customer service-oriented.
I know he would be a credit to any company truly committed to customer service.
He delivers friendly, responsive and knowledgeable customer service.
He is also very helpful with his agents, and we all respect him due to his commitment to quality, ethics, and customer service.
John and his team are quite visionary about the services they provide to their customers.
He is most helpful in sharing information with other agents as well as his customers.
John provides the highest service levels and truly understands his customer's goals.
He is also aware of the importance true customer service plays in retention.
Additionally, the level of customer service that we have received from him has been extraordinary.
His service oriented mentality was appreciated by his customers as well as his colleagues.
His service and customer strengths would be an asset to any team.
John is also very customer focused and provides all his customers, both internal and external, with the highest level of service he can.
He is a forward thinking ambitious agent that we are glad to have as a customer.
He is a fervent believer in customer service, keenly able to anticipate customer needs and continually exceed their expectations.
He an incredible advocate for the customer and a valuable asset to any organization with customer facing services.
John has proven himself to be an amazing agent who embodies the principles of customer service and truly takes his client's interests to heart.
John has provided an unbelievable level of customer service and dedication to our company.
During that time he demonstrated exceptional customer service every day.
John comes through every time and delivers superb work and customer service.
I could depend on his expert knowledge and his great customer service.
He is a master in the customer service field and would be an asset to any company who is looking to improve their approach to customer service.
He is very focused on customer service and support and provides a high level of services to meet the needs of his customers and colleagues.
They have great features and functionality, and him customer service is prompt and effective.
John has been an excellent advocate for his partners and the customers that have engaged with their services.