Customer Service Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He regularly follows-up with his customers to ensure they received complete and correct service and assistance.
John consistently assisted with ensuring the customer's needs were met post service calls.
He has remarkable customer service skills and will go out of his way to assist you.
I would consider him an innovator, always looking for better opportunities to be able to assist his customers.
John consistently went above and beyond to assist these customers with their needs on an ongoing basis.
His perseverance in assisting my needs and the needs of our customers is bar none.
He provided enthusiasm and reliability when assisting customers on all issues.
John is excellent in customer service, going above and beyond in assisting you to find the right property and then walking you through it to completion.
He was always willing to assist his customers to the best of his capability and knowledge.
He is easy to work with and goes out of his way to assist the needs of customers.
He has assisted me in numerous customer activities and guided me through customer databases.
John excels in making sure his customers are taken care of and truly understands what customer service is.
He is always creating value to assist his customers in reaching their goals.
John is always willing to assist and certainly lives his philosophy of providing, and enhancing others to deliver, excellent customer service.
John has and continues to provide outstanding customer service and assistance with my needs as a new student.
Sly was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many customers and colleagues.
John would regularly go above and beyond the requirements of his position to assist customers and colleagues.
His customers appreciate him follow through with deliverables and his tenacity in assisting them with issues.
John is an extremely valued colleague who provides first class help and assistance to customers.
He was highly inquisitive, and thorough when assisting the customer define their requirements.
I still clearly remembered how he skillfully assisted me in handling customer's complaints.
He is very hardworking and will go the extra mile to assist you with customers' needs.
He always greeted you with a smile and an eagerness to assist any of our customers.
He has gained the confidence of customers and they regularly request his assistance.
With his assistance we were able to help and retain our customers year on year.
John assisted with getting millions of dollars of grants for my customers.
John did great assisting me with mutual customers and cross selling.
He possesses a desire to assist his customers in every possible way.
John, thank you for all your assistance with my vehicles, will be using and recommending your services for the rest of my lifetime.
Not only has he given me good service, but he has always been quick to reply to my requests for assistance.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking his advice, services or assistance.
He always goes the extra mile and the service and assistance he delivers in beyond comparison.
I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking assistance with their Conveyancing.
I have been blown away by the level of service and timeliness of his assistance.
I have known him to go above and beyond to assist his customers and provide them with the best possible experience.
John is a team player and was always willing to assist and provide excellent customer services to everyone.
Other services that he performed, which were not really in his position were assisting in cleaning up our customer transaction records.
He not only provides incredible customer service, he is able to assess customers needs and has the ability to provide a solution.
John always provided the highest in customer service, always going the extra mile to assist students in their quest for employment.
John has great attention to detail and is always willing to do what he can to assist his customers.
John was always responsive to my customer's requirements and assisted in various contracts.
He thrives on being able to assist and his customer service skills are second to none.
He would do anything that he could to assist him internal and external customers.
He is also well liked and respected by the customers he interacted with when assisting with issues they were having.
He continually looks for ways to assist his customers, and their success is always his first priority.
He always has the customers best interest in mind, and will do everything in his power to assist them.
Regardless of his workload he always finds time to assist both colleagues and customers.
With his assistance we've closed many engagements with now long term customers.
He always had a positive attitude and is great at assisting customers.
John has forgotten more than most people know about customer service and improving customer experience.
He has deep knowledge of site user assistance and customer service domains.
John is focused on delivering excellence and customer service and is always looking at options to meet customer demands.
He made every effort to offer high end customer service and to assist his clients in every way possible.
He is well liked by his peers and his customers and is always willing to assist either with accomplishing their goals.
His dedication to servicing the customer and providing a quality customer service experience always stood out in my mind.
I worked with him on many occasions assisting with customer issues.
His attention to detail, customer service and quality has assisted us in achieving the highest level of service.
John's work in providing customer service has been excellent.
Johns knowledge of tech services and what customers needed assistance with helped the company and the site to ensure that our services mix was dead on.
He provides the best effective way to help out the customers and sees to it that he will go off his way to provide assistance to all.