Customer Service Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is extremely results oriented and will always do what is right for the associate, customer, and shareholder.
His delighted customers will only have stories of immense success to tell you of the association.
He was a credible individual in the eyes of customers and associates.
He saw challenges as opportunities to improve the service to our customers and banking associates.
John is all about how to delight customers with an amazing customer experience.
He is always admired by his colleagues, customers, and staffing associates.
He is very detail orientated, great with customers and associates.
He has always provided above great customer service and is empathetic to the end users.
He cares for his associates – whether they be customers or colleagues, and does what is right to achieve the best results for his customer.
Much of his success was from having been a successful associate directly interacting with our customers.
He always goes the extra mile to be of service to his clients and associates.
I am very satisfied with the work he did for me and have recommended his services to many of my associates.
John has worked with some of my friends and associates and have provided an excellent service.
He also has associates who he works with so that he provides a wealth of services.
John tailors his approach to help him associates and customers achieve their goals.
He is goal oriented, focused and committed to customer service.
He has a can-do attitude at all times, and him customer service is impeccable.
I have been involved with him on numerous transaction, and he always keeps the customer, as well as his associates best interests in mind.
I have observed him to be a very hardworking associate who has the ability to connect with the customer.
John is an asset to the company, customer and those associates that work with him.
They worked closely with us to understand our company, our customer service needs and to create a customized workshop.
He was a tough but fair negotiator, and was always trying to make sure that his customers and associates received the very best service and accommodations.
He's all about the customer experience and doing what it takes to bring about the best possible outcome for the customer.
His customer first approach has cleared many roadblocks getting in the way of our customer experience.
He always puts the needs of the customer first and provides a positive experience for his customers.
John has a passion for great customer experiences and always keeps the customer in his sites.
John consistently provides excellent customer service and has the ability to do anything and everything very well.
His customer service skills in dealing with frustrated customers are equally as good.
John has the responsibility to communicate with customers to provide timely service status about services.
He can be relied upon to interface effectively with clients, customers, and associates.
He is tireless in his efforts for customers, clients, associations and friends.
His customers and his associates all hold him in well deserved high regard.
I found our association very rewarding and his dedication to client service beyond reproach.
I would happily recommend him services to my clients, associates and colleagues.
Him associates enjoy working for him and the positivity passes on to the customer.
He knows how to move you and the process along, without losing focus because him goal is always his customers and customer service.
He has gone out of his way to come to in person sessions for associates and customers and also engaged with customers to deliver value.
Many of my business associates now use his service and are also very happy.
He is thorough and dedicated to personal service and customer satisfaction.
Quick on his feet and ready to give suggestions for solutions to help out his customers and associates.
He is an invaluable asset to employer, association, and customer alike.
He gets into details and understand them to create more value to customers, organization and associates.
Him customer-service skills are stellar and in my opinion, he does everything in his power to make the customer happy.
I always found him to thoughtful, yet firm when dealing with customers, his team, or associates.
His drive and determination create an unrelenting attitude toward customer service.
He is passionate about what he does and cares deeply about his customers and associates.
He honestly cares about each of our customers, colleagues, and associates.
He can accomplish anything that he sets his mind to, and considers his customers and associates as his highest priority.
The service that he provided was truly customer-focused and high in integrity.
He works very closely with his current customers to deliver the best service possible and this allows him to gain respect when dealing with new potential customers.
He possesses the skills necessary to understand customer needs and provide excellent customer service.
He is known for his personal service to his clients and customers.
He clearly understands the needs of the customer and always thrives for delivering excellent customer experience.
He is highly attuned to customer needs, and customers truly enjoy their experiences with him.
John was a detailed associate that was dedicated to serving our customer base.
He took ownership of his department and led them to improved customer service.
John is a passionate professional who is clearly dedicated to doing what is best for his customers and associates.
John's strengths are many, but the ones that come to mind are his passion for the industry, him outstanding customer service, and dedication to his customers.
John values and respects both internal associates as well as external customers.
John fathoms his customer needs and translates them into the meticulous feature request to his associates like me.