Customer Service Clerk Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Clerk Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Combines empowering his customers with a fantastic service and results.
In every transaction he has provided excellent service, going well above and beyond expectations to accommodate our customers.
John puts an emphasis on customer service and is always willing to go out of his way to make sure that the problem gets solved.
John always puts your needs first, he has consistently provided me with excellent customer service for the past two years.
John provided exceptional customer service, excellent follow-through and often went above and beyond my expectations.
John understands customer service and he will question those who say "that is the way we always have done it".
He is an organised and customer-service oriented perfectionist and he is very thorough in everything he does.
I found him to be unwaveringly dedicated to customers and service, always enthusiastic and collaborative.
He is committed to his customers needs and provides them with an excellent service always with a smile.
He is committed to going the extra mile, which means you will be getting the best in customer service.
He listens to the customer, isn't afraid to ask the right questions, and provides excellent service.
In addition to that, he is very friendly and easy to get along, and gives excellent customer service.
John is very responsive, provides excellent customer service and will go out of his way to add value.
John's dedication, passion and optimism for customer service are always one of his priorities.
He has always provided top notch customer service and is always there to answer your questions.
His dedication to his craft and service to him customers were clearly the reasons he succeeded.
He is an individual that is dedicated to his craft, and provides exceptional customer service.
John provides the most luxurious hair extensions, him customer service is second to none.
John has shown exemplary customer service and always follows through on issues to completion.
He also knows the meaning of customer service and proves that to you when you deal with him.
John exemplified extraordinary customer service; he was both proactive and very responsive.
John provides exceptional customer service to his colleagues, both verbally and via email.
He is extremely thorough in his approach to customer problems and is very service oriented.
I appreciate him proactive mindset and his strong ethic, when it comes to customer service.
Sales have increased tremendously and his attention to customer service is to be admired.
Knowledgeable and customer service oriented, he always met and exceeded my expectations.
Along with such great customer service, he is very friendly and easy to get along with.
He is extraordinarily conscientious and has an unparalleled knack for customer service.
His customer service and follow-up are excellent and he is dedicated to his profession.
He is trustworthy and provides customer service that consistently exceeds expectations.
He has provided them excellent customer service and had fought hard to keep them happy.
John is very approachable and friendly, this customer service skills are second to none.
John is diligent and applied and him commitment to customer service is first class.
I appreciate his attention to customer service & willingness to go the "extra mile".
He is dedicated and passionate about delivering the best customer service possible.
He understands customer service, and can add value to any transaction he accepts.
John's attention to customer service is what keeps me coming back year after year.
John handled all of this with patience, poise and exceptional customer service.
John provides excellent customer services when troubleshooting complex issues.
He is very fair when dealing with customers and offers an unprecedented service.
John is committed to serving the customer and ensuring consistency in service.
He pays close attention to our needs and is always focused on customer service.
His leadership and strong customer service are what will always stick in my mind.
John's excellent customer service and commitment to results make the difference.
His customer service, follow up and follow through, was exceptional throughout.
He is very customer service oriented and takes his responsibilities seriously.
John is a cut above the rest when it comes to dedication and customer service.
John is a dedicated individual that had been always having customer service oriented.
His ability to pin down customer service problems is well known and regarded.
His results were excellent and his customer service stood out from the crowd.
He has achieved the best results in both; customer service and profitability.
John has incredibly serviced oriented and has that magic touch with customers.
He is committed to customer service and never shies away from a challenge.
John is extremely customer and service-oriented, ethical, and competitive.
He delivers great results as well as provided phenomenal customer service.
His passion, customer service and dedication are stellar to say the least.
He has an unfaltering commitment to achieving excellent customer service.
But, it is him outstanding customer service ethic that impresses me most.
His attention to customer service was outstanding and highly commendable.
John's customer service and sense of teamwork are exemplary and inspiring.