Customer Service Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

During the course of the last three years, he has provided an unparalleled level of customer service.
He was always been highly attentive to his customers and provided superior service to all guests.
The level of service that he provides is excellent and makes sure that the customer is happy.
First, he truly displayed customer service in his words and more importantly, in his actions.
He goes above and beyond what is requested and his level of customer service is the highest.
He believes sustained success comes in the service of his customers, not at their expense.
He is passionate on his dedication to excellence in customer service and satisfaction.
His customers always come first and he provides the highest levels of service to them.
His sense of customer service and satisfaction goes beyond the everyday standards.
His commitment to excellence of service and customer satisfaction is commendable.
John has been instrumental in the transition of centralized customer service.
John provides first-rate customer service to all students in my classes.
John is very strong in him customer service towards coworkers and students.
The level of customer service he provides is remarkable and appreciated.
John carries great jewelry and provides outstanding customer service.
He is inspiring and truly takes customer service to the next level.
John provides an extraordinary level of genuine customer service.
He is a man of character and provides excellent customer service.
He went way beyond the normal level of customer service expected.
John has "teaching" consulting style, which was appreciated by our customers.
John is an outstanding consultant who is a partner first to his customers.
John is respected equally by his peers, customers and consultants.
He can bring technology, consulting, and other services to the solution, and end customer always seems to get it.
John is an excellent energy consultant, he is customer oriented and always kept an eye on ensuring that he will never miss any potential customers.
John dealings as a consultant with him were constructive, customer-focused yet service-centred.
His customer engagements are always superbly organized with expectations and objectives clearly set for both the customer and the consultant.
He consistently delivers top notch customer service and is always looking for ways to improve his services.
He delivered excellent customer service and showed in depth knowledge of our service needs.
John worked with a number of my customers as our delivery consultant for services.
John exemplifies professionalism and customer service; both of which are invaluable traits in the consulting profession.
John was always concerned about the well being of the consultants at customer sites and was always available to resolve their issues.
John was very organised, very consultative, and focused on delivering the right outcome for our customers.
Implicit in his approach is his ability to truly consult, and create unexpected value for his customers.
He is very focused on the needs of each individual customer and gives always a fantastic consultancy.
He is also a valuable consultant to all his customers, and only too happy to help out where he can.
He provides consultation to achieve the best outcomes, but defers to his customers when necessary.
Our customers would always comment that they enjoyed his company and consultative approach.
John clearly has an excellent consultative approach in delivering to customers' needs.
His consultative approach in handling customer needs is something that deserves applaud.
He understands how to sell consultatively by finding the 'win' in it for the customers.
He takes a consultative approach and will make the right suggestion for the customer.
He provided many of our customers with proactive and qualitative e-commerce consult.
John is a dedicated consultant who puts the customer needs at the forefront.
He has a grace about him in dealing with customer and consultant escalations.
As a consultant, he can instill confidence in the most difficult customers.
John understands how to maximize customer, consultant and company success.
He is dedicated to his customers and always takes a consultative approach.
John has a strong customer orientation and consultative selling.
John is a service and customer oriented consultant who supports and balances consultant and client needs.
John is very customer friendly and will make sure he treats each of his customers very well.
John is very smart and understands customers and customer needs very well.
His services are customized to each individual and he offers creative ideas for presentations and is always available for consultations.
John's consultative services were always in demand and very well appreciated across the enterprise.
We continue to consult him and engage his many services even today.
John came in as a consultant to help my organization wade through some very complex customer service challenges and workplace issues.
He serves as s true consultant to his clients and consistently provides exceptional service that goes above and beyond for customers.
If you are questioning whether or not you should use him for consulting services, just ask him and know you will get an honest answer back.
I have found him to be open and very available to discuss ideas which arise in my consulting service.
I have recommended his consulting services to others and have heard nothing but positive feedback.
John's consultative approach to the service he delivers has always separated him from the crowd.