Customer Service Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John will provide you both affordable and customer oriented services to meet more than just your needs, but your customers' as well.
In both cases he demonstrated his competence and commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.
He is highly intelligent, customer service orientated and he provided a wonderful service for our company.
John always provided superior customer service and had the personal touch with each of his customers that made them request him again and again.
He also placed an important priority on customer service, and wanted to make sure that all our customers were treated to the highest standards available.
John was constantly focused on providing the level of customer service that exceeded our customers' expectations.
He has formed a very impressive customer base that is backed by his customer focused service department.
He coordinated with other employees to meet customer needs too.
He was also well respected by many of our customers because of his deep compassion and drive to help our customers.
John is very customer focused and puts the customer at the heart of every campaign.
John always puts the customer first and drives to understand the customers needs.
He's also very customer focused, understands customer's pain point and would take every effort to win a customer.
John is always willing to go above and beyond to help make certain that our customers are more than satisfied.
If you need something done, he always goes above and beyond to help you and more importantly the customer.
John is someone that always looks out for the customer and does what is right to keep them happy.
John will let you know him limitations, if any, and will go out of his way to please him customer.
He goes out of his way to make sure his customers get everything they need and are satisfied.
He follows through and will evangelize your needs and does what is right by him customers.
He is passionate about what he does and always does the right thing for his customers.
He is someone who will go above and beyond for his candidates as well as his customers.
He really does go over and above for not only his customer, but also his coworkers.
He understands the value of what he is saying and it comes across to the customer.
He has the tenacity to get things done and wants only the best for his customers.
John has always inspired me when it comes to doing the right thing for customers.
He never gives up and accepts nothing less than what's right for his customers.
He was always willing to do whatever it would take to make his customers happy.
He will never let you down and will always strive to do right by his customers.
He knows exactly what the customer wants and how to get it to them, plus some.
He's going to always do well because the customer always comes first for him.
But more than that, he needs to know that it is also good for the customer.
John is approachable in that he makes himself available to his customers.
He was very well appreciated, not only by me, but also by all customers.
John has always placed the customer's needs ahead of his own interest.
John does his best to make sure all of his customer's needs are met.
He was always approachable and goes out of the way to help his customers.
John is one of those customer's that you really wish you had more of.
He knows how to get it done and he's all about serving the customer.
John always followed through and made sure the customer was happy.
John is someone for whom only the best for him customers will do.
John was always available to both him teammates and his customers.
He goes above and beyond for him customers, which are contagious.
He seemed to be very well liked and respected by our customers.
He gets to know and truly understand the needs of the customer.
John always does what's in the best interest of the customer.
There are no limitations to what he will do for his customers.
He was often known and remembered by name with our customers.
He wants to do what was right by the firm and by the customer.
He knows what he is looking for and what the customer expects.
The customer comes first and he knows how to get things done.
He knows it, has done it, and it resonates with my customers.
He always looks out for the customer and their best interest.
When it comes to customer service, he goes above and beyond to be attentive to his client's needs.
John's customer service is impeccable, he knows how to listen, and looks out for him clients.
He is committed to giving the best possible value and service to his clients and customers.
John has excellent customer service and he always makes sure his clients get results.
If that isn't enough, him customer service and dedication to the client is prodigious.
He provides excellent customer service to both his clients and his colleagues.
John is very committed to his clients, and it shows in his customer service.
John consistently provides outstanding customer service for his clients.
John has a deep understanding of customer needs, based on a clear view of exactly who is existing or potential customer and what service they want to get.