Customer Service Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an open minded, customer focused, and passionate director.
John is a customer focussed with the ability to think 'out of the box' in responding to customer service needs and solution requirements.
Him motivation and customer advocacy should be applauded as he believed in going above and beyond with every customer interaction and customers loved him for it.
John advises on tackling customers has been very helpful for me in customer engagements.
John has an excellent approach to his customers, both candidates and customer organizations.
He always puts the customer first, and continues to deliver above customer' expectations.
His customer-centric style shines through in each and every customer engagement.
John epitomizes customer service and dedication to keeping his clients and customers engaged and happy.
He is one of the best at what he does and will always help out both his colleagues and his customers.
John has been very responsive and has always provided value for me and our customers.
He was always going above and beyond to help his colleagues as well as the customers.
John is always available and very responsive to the needs of the customer.
He will definitely go above and beyond for his customers and colleagues.
He never says he cannot help and there is no customer he can't fix.
Extremely well liked not only by his customers, but his colleagues.
He always went out of his way to help customers and colleagues.
Furthermore, he is well liked by both colleagues and customers.
He understands the concepts of hospitality and customer service.
His integrity is beyond question, and the services he provides to customers is outstanding.
I regularly saw the confidence his customers placed in his integrity and service.
Him integrity is beyond reproach and him customer service is incomparable.
He accomplishes this without sacrificing customer service or integrity.
He focuses on customer experience and delivering customer service beyond the call of duty.
John does an excellent job understanding his customer's needs and problems and always looks to do what is best for his customers.
The strongest feedback came from our business partners and customers that spoke of his best service oriented and their satisfaction came mainly from him directly as director of service.
He helped me increase my customer base thru tapping existing customers and where to find new customers with little to no cost.
He always goes above and below for the organization, and the customer.
He's also motivated by doing the right thing for the customer.
He is highly committed, always putting the customer first, willing to take ownership to make things better, for the customer as well as his own organisation.
He always knows what the customer needs and anticipates what the customer wants - making him the most potent weapon in your arsenal.
John always places the customers needs first, which is why he has earned the loyalty and respect of his customers and colleagues.
He is also very customer focused and is very conscious of truly understanding customer needs before making any recommendations.
The epitome of customer advocacy, he ensured that everything we collaborated on was in the best interest of the end customer.
John is very customer focused to do all he can to resolve an issue making certain that the customers are the first priority.
He focuses on the individual customer's needs and more importantly, understands and listens to his customers.
His ability to listen to his customers and then follow-up with the specific needs of his customer is unmatched.
He is not just customer driven, he will go to great lengths to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.
I believe that his passion for helping customers was what encouraged the customers to reward him with deals.
He listens to customers and always believe in taking immediate steps to address customers' issue or concern.
John's ability to both on-board new customers and keep current customers satisfied is noteworthy.
He is always focused on customers and inspires everyone around to solve the customer's pain points.
Specifically, he consistently anticipates long-term customer needs and immediate customer concerns.
He is extremely customer focused and responds to customer needs with alacrity and responsiveness.
He is very customer-driven and has the ability to clearly articulate and solve customer problems.
He has great rapport with the customer and adapts extremely well to the customer's environment.
But he understands the customer requirement which is very precise and make customer satisfied with.
John is adept at crafting messages that resonate with our customers and potential customers.
John is a customer-oriented individual who tries to go the extra mile for his customers.
He is customer oriented and always kept an eye on ensuring that we met customer needs.
He has the ability to solve very complex customer issues and make customer win.
John deals with his customers in a mature manner, and is customer centric.
John was very aware of the customer and what we needed to do to benefit the customer base.
He will go out of his way to do the best job possible for him customers.
His understanding of customer service was flawless and expressed through every encounter with customers in the store and over the phone.
John first assignment for him was "fixing" our customer services group and recruiting a new director.
On the other hand, he has always been customer oriented and dedicated, which was greatly appreciated by our customers.
He is genuine in his engagements with customers as he built his credibility around the customer first principles.
I remember customers were specifically looking for him sometimes due to his excellent customer engagement.
He is very dependable, understands the customer's psychology and he has always put the customer first.
In all engagements he exceeded the customer expectation and brought customer delight.