Customer Service Operator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Operator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has then supervised the installation & operation of the service.
John's sincerity, honesty, and customer service have exceeded my expectations.
John has a very good understanding of container shipping, especially within the areas of customer service and operation.
He is a customer of our services as a website operator in the market.
He is especially talented in understanding the customer's requirements and the fiscal operating environment the customer faces.
John was very well respected by the customer and seen as a very collaborative and efficient operator.
John was responsible for our major customers of which most of them were fully operating globally.
John was a very enthusiastic operator who always had the customer's best interests at heart.
John is an exceptional operator who has really looked after me as a valued customer.
His background enabled him to understand the customers' operations and suitability.
He was entirely customer focused and obviously ran a very efficient operation.
He is positively obsessed with operational resiliency and customer delight.
John is a trustworthy, honest operator, with concern for his customers.
John is a great operator and exceptionally responsive to customers.
John was the keynote speaker on customer service at our annual meeting for our operational leaders in our healthcare service company.
John is a very fast and efficient operator and would recommend to anyone that is looking at using his services.
Not to mention he operates with honesty and integrity which makes his services invaluable.
John's relentless tenacity serves him well with service and operational issues.
His company provides expert service with a can-do operational style.
John thoroughly understands the importance of customer-focus and service - indeed the cornerstone of his method of operation.
John's customer service and salesmanship are among the best - operating with strong ethics to provide top notch performance with both customer and company in mind.
John has the ability combine operational and strategic issues and delivered first class customer service.
He was very proactive in dealing with customers need and queries and always extended co-operation to them as well as to internal customers of the company.
He understands what the customer needs, and many times, more importantly, what the customer will need.
He has the customer - and value as defined by the customer - firmly in mind at all times.
His follow up action with customers is timely and well spoken of by his customers.
I benefited greatly from him operations and service expertise.
John has great customer service skills, and heart to service others.
John is not only operational focused by customer attentive as well.
His breadth of knowledge spans customer service, operations, and logistics.
He can operate very successfully at many different levels within an organization and with customers.
He is always driving for operational excellence without losing sight of the customer.
John always drives excellence and efficiency in both customer and operational roles.
He operates with the highest amount of integrity, while performing great customer service.
He was a pleasure and bringing the best service to the customer while cutting operation costs was always him drive.
He knows about available solutions, strives for the best for his customers and is helpful with customer questions.
He always has the pulse of the customer and know how do deal with any situation the customer presents.
He not only understands the customer requirements, but provides excellent solutions to the customers.
I would recommend him to any organization that is looking to optimize their operations without sacrificing service.
John will operate well outside of his role and even his area of comfort in service to the cause.
He provides unparallelled service and operational excellence, to drive for results.
He was dedicated to his job and always offered exceptional customer service.
John was very effective at improving both service and operational efficiency.
He is very liked by his customers, and they are always willing to make time for him.
He is willing to go above and beyond for his employees and customers.
He goes above and beyond for his customers, as well as his employees.
He has a good understanding of how to co-operate across departments and customers.
He is very customer focused and would help push for features that are critical to the needs of our customers.
He has a passion for customers and will solve problems starting with the customer.
He has very good rapport with customer's and always thinks in customer perspective.
John and his team is customer focused and very responsive to the needs of the operation.
John is very customer-service oriented and highly responsive to consumer requests.
John strived to provide the best customer service experience possible and would interact directly with our customers to resolve any issue.
From an operations standpoint, he's pragmatic, customer focused, and committed to excellence.
John's operational style is customer-centric, ethical, and incredibly down-to-earth.
His experience in service delivery and strong focus on excellence in customer service gave him the ability to balance the competing priorities of our service operation very well indeed.
John is incredibly focused and committed, consistently over delivering against operational, customer service and cost targets.
John consistently met or surpassed all operations metrics, including turnaround times, accuracy and customer service.
The service he provides us is second to none and appreciated as most operations staff in our industry have lost the true definition of customer service.
He is very customer service oriented and can keep a focus on both the requirements necessary to run a smooth operation while meeting customer goals and expectations.