Customer Service Receptionist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Receptionist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure that my company has everything we need and more.
His devotion to the good of the company and best value for customer service has always been appreciated.
John understands how to help customers attain the value they seek through his company's services.
I have no hesitation in recommending his company to any customer who needs his valuable services.
He really understands how to deliver service towards customers on behalf of the company.
An individual who keeps the end customer in mind when offering his company's services.
He has a strong aptitude for customer service and is known for this in the company.
His customer service is outstanding and he is always willing to step into a file.
Add to that, his company is a definitive example of excellent customer service.
John has always excelled in customer service and the company's core values.
Everyone in his company was delightful and positive-great customer service.
He provides amazing customer service and runs an excellent company.
He goes out of his way to learn about the customer and does what it takes to make that customer happy.
His attention to customer service made my experience very good.
It was always important to him that the customer come first and we do everything possible to make the customers' requests come to life.
John impressed everyone who he interacted with and created value for himself while delivering the best services to customers.
John blew us away with everything from pricing to customer service to expert craftsmanship.
John provides excellent service at a price that is fair to the customer.
He's very customer service oriented and is thorough and well educated.
He listens to the customer, makes sure that a solution first meets the customer needs and then figures out how to best make it happen and on the customer's timetable.
John achieves this by listening to the customer's needs and offering solutions to the customer that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
He presented himself well on the phone with customer prospects, and was liked by our customers.
He is also willing to go the extra mile to make things happen and to provide customers with the best possible service.
John will go above and beyond to ensure that his customers are happy and satisfied with the service he provides.
He always did his best to provide excellent customer service and make sure everything was running smoothly.
He excels in providing the best possible services to the customers under often challenging circumstances.
He is very passionate about what he does and always strives to provide the best customer service possible.
John is very sharp in understanding the needs of customers and providing the services accordingly.
He strives to provide the best services possible for his customers while minimizing their impact.
I especially liked his 'out of the box' ideas for the service he provides to our customers.
I also heard of great things that he has done with customers while on-site providing services.
John has the ability to think on his feet and provide exceptional customer service.
Sampath has been very effective in providing a value added service to his customers.
These characteristics serve him very well in providing excellent customer service.
He is focused on providing great customer service and is always willing to help.
He fully understands the importance of bringing value and service to customers.
He is willing to go the extra mile to provide extreme service to his customers.
He was always focused on the customer and strived to provide superior service.
His aim is always to provide impeccable customer service, which he delivers.
His desire to provide exceptional customer service goes beyond the expected.
John, as a service provider, always delivers great value to the customers.
John has excelled in providing a service always above customer expectations.
John understands how important differentiations and customer service are.
In addition, he recognizes the value of providing good customer service.
He is valued for his ability to provide outstanding customer service.
He always in every situation strives for doing the right thing for our company while giving customers excellent service.
He has enthusiastically engendered an ethos of excellence in customer service throughout the company.
He was a customer oriented and always found innovative solutions to customer's problems.
John's training experience was an asset to our customers and employees servicing those customers.
John is very knowledgeable with great customer service and have exceeded my expectation during my first interaction.
Him chocoflans are delicious and competitively priced and him customer service is excellent.
John was always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure first class customer service.
Delivering customer service excellence in every interaction is a priority for him.
He offers the absolute most affordable prices and excellent customer service.
He is decisive and good with customers regardless of the customer's background or nationality.
John is interested in forming customers for life and his integrity and customer service reflects this goal.
He was a strong partner in our engagements with our customers, particularly in customer facing opportunities, and his response to customers was always positive.
For one of our most important customers, he drove the requirements and help set the customer's expectations.
John has a clear understanding of customer service requirements and delivered solutions with high customer satisfaction.
Every interaction of his with customer turns out to be a learning for most of the customers.