Customer Service Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also provided outstanding customer service and has been flexible with our church when going through transitions.
He would be an asset to have in any company where customer service is paramount.
His enthusiasm, empathy and commitment to customer service are second to none.
His excellent customer service and initiators are hallmarks of his character.
He will always provide the best service for the client he represents.
John has the ability to quickly understand what customers need and then demonstrate how those needs can be met with the tools and services he represents.
He is very good at customer relations and to explain the service or solution that he is responsible and representing.
John has a unique ability to build confidence in him customers for the services his company represents.
John is an excellent ambassador for his company and represents its interests well with customers.
He would make an excellent addition to any organization looking for someone focused on customer service.
He has clearly listened to his customers and continued to refine his services along the way.
He is the personification of 'customer service', approachable and helpful at all times.
John has a genuine attitude of service with both his customers and his colleagues.
He can be counted to deliver with customer service excellence each and every time.
John is a very organized and has provided exceptional customer service to me.
John never took his eye of the target true customer service all the time.
He was super responsive and had an outstanding customer service attitude.
John delivers exceptional customer service even with stressful deadlines.
John's approach to customer service is extremely efficient and organized.
His positive attitude and dedication to customer service are unmatched.
John has an innovative and evidence based approach to customer service.
He is committed to great customer service and is totally reliable.
John represents his company and customers with respect and integrity.
He is thorough in his work, provides excellent customer service, and champions his clients to the companies he represents.
His tireless resolve and commitment to customer service is evident in everything he does from quoting services all the way to his tenacious problem-resolution.
John has focused on exceptional customer service and has a unique ability to identify opportunities for growth and service.
He is great with customers and partners and is someone that represents his company very well in any setting.
He always provides the utmost in customer service and is one of my go to people on the west coast.
He was one of the few people who not only understood customer service, he delivered it.
Most importantly, his understanding of people makes way for exemplary customer service.
His focus on the partnership was appreciated and his customer service is fabulous.
His biggest strength is him customer service focus on doing the right thing.
John is the type of representation that goes the extra mile and focuses on the best interest of his customer.
He is organized, efficient, timely and very customer service oriented.
John is so much more than a telephone doctor or customer service guru.
If you need his services great, can't find a better representative, but if you need to connect to others, he is still your best bet.
John has always provided me with an exceptional service on behalf of the companies he has represented and always delivered the goods.
We had problems with the company he represented, but because he treated us with respect and fairness we kept the service.
John is meticulous and makes sure the services are delivered as required, not just as written down, but as the customer requires.
John has always been proactive, customer-service oriented, responsible and efficient in his duties.
John is very customer and service oriented, and was a major contributor in his role.
John provides great customer service and excellent collaborative ideas and concepts.
John provides both excellent customer service and fast, accurate problem resolution.
John offers customer focused, deadline-oriented photography services.
He displays the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
He wrote several excellent proposals on our behalf and represented us very well with the customers.
Internally, he does a great job representing the voice of the customer.
To add he is excellent in customer service and partnering with other organizations.
He represents both the customer issues and company position well.
He treats you like he was representing himself for the product or service.
John seems to know many customers in his territory and has the ability to engage with the customer almost at will.
He is an obvious asset to anyone he represents or any client he services.
He always goes out of his way to ensure that both the supplier and the customer win - whether it be pricey, offers or service.
His turnaround time is reasonable, him customer service is stellar, and he does exactly what you ask him to do.
John makes it his utmost concern to ensure the customers are getting great value and service at all times.
He has helped me out with various issues several times and he always displayed great customer service.
He also provides excellent customer service and lightens any conversation with his positive attitude.
Him help during that time enabled me to service my customers in an efficient and compliant manner.
John provides outstanding customer service and over delivers in terms of value every single time.
He understands my needs and requirements as a client with customers to service.