Customer Service Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has not only provided me with great interviews, but his customer service has been outstanding.
John has the perfect mix of persistence, customer service and trust.
John is one of the best customer-oriented service providers you'll ever meet.
He has never failed to impress me with his creative ideas, prompt service and great customer service.
He is respectful of his peers and his supervisors and excellent with customer care and service.
He made sure that any post-installation service was fulfilled to the highest level of customer service.
Him customers ask specifically for him and often utilize his services exclusively.
He helped everybody who asked for and his first directive have been always customer service.
His way to approach the customer service requirements is always innovative and effective.
John is without a doubt the best inside and customer service rep anyone could ask for.
He is hands on, results oriented, and customer service driven.
He has been successful where ever he worked and is always respected by his customers and supervisors.
He's also good at relationship with supervisor, colleagues, as well as with customers.
John is always striving the best solution for customers to provide them the best service.
John's peers and customers were always delighted by the services he provided.
He is thorough and diligent to understand new things in order to service his customers.
John has always been viewed by his peers, team and supervisors as an expert in the area of servicing the customer.
John is extremely creative and is always customer service oriented.
John and his company are always committed to doing the right thing and providing outstanding customer service.
Stakeholders often commented on the great customer service he provided on the department's behalf.
He provides top-notch customer service to departments with various needs across the campus.
John was an essential piece in the success of our customer service department.
John's dedication and commitment to providing customer service is second to none.
He delivers premium customer service and is always immaculately presented.
He is goal oriented, and prides himself on outstanding customer service.
His customer focused approach ensured the customer received attention and service at all times.
He has a strong customer service skillset and clearly understood the importance of the service we provided to our clients.
He was also a very good supervisor, was customer-oriented and just a really nice man.
I trust his instincts and his customer service is of the highest level.
We promoted two customer service leads and one supervisor from his team.
John has good manners and behavior toward his colleagues, supervisors and customers.
He was liked by his team members, customers and supervisors for his positive attitude and customer centric approach.
John always went above and beyond to satisfy the client's needs and truly gets the importance of customer service.
He consistently over delivered both customer service and innovative solutions.
T understands how important customer service is to his clients.
John is a pioneer in creative customer service, and truly walks the walk in providing comprehensive and qualified services.
John recognised the value of good customer service and understood that the customer experience was paramount to continued success.
He is very attentive to detail and inspires confidence in both customers and supervisors.
His brand of customer service needs to be bottled and sent out to more organizations.
He never stopped learning and never stopped looking for ways to help our customers do more with our services.
I have found him to be genuine, authentic and passionate about learning and customer service.
He learns quickly and has an exceptional passion for customer service.
John takes direction well and exemplifies great customer service.
He offers excellent customer service and provides clear direction.
He does so by providing superior solutions and exceptional customer service.
He was relentless in putting orders together for my company and following through with customer service.
He excels at communication and customer service for my locations.
John has excelled in the customer and technical service role to achieve a supervisor position.
He is quite creative in identifying potential customers who will find value in his services.
He is creative, has a customer service bent and follows through on his commitments.
John was very focused on customer service and understanding our creative needs.
He is very much customer facing and is always looking for the best fit between his customers and him contractors.
He goes above and beyond to try to make the customer not only feel at home, but also to make him service differentiate him from others.
John has a keen sense of customer service and is very dedicated to ensuring a positive customer experience.
John continually illustrates his dedication to his clients and customer service.
He is very customer service focused and has a creative side that lends his customers well.
John's eagerness to make changes towards increasing customer service has inspired his group, and others.
He provides customized service with great value both to the client and the applicant.
He is very knowledgeable and taught me a lot in regards to customer service.
John provides outstanding customer service and went the extra mile to shop around for the best rate.