Customer Service Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Service Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is thorough, assertive and provides the highest level of customer service.
He constantly went above and beyond to provide each member with the best customer service.
He is always reliable, and excellent at providing customer service.
He is dedicated and highly experienced trainer and he understands the needs of the customer.
I continue to be impressed with the level of service that he provides his customers.
John is consistently great at what is the heart & soul of customer service - putting the customer first, responding to their needs and helping them be successful.
John's attention to the customer is top-notch from not only a service standpoint, but ensuring the customer is provided the best economic value.
John is not only a customer-service oriented and brilliant person, but also an inspiring trainer.
He has been great to work with as far as follow through and above and beyond customer service.
He works very hard to make sure that he gives the best service and advice to his customers.
He works hard to be of service to his customers and his friends.
John works hard, he gives customers the best service possible.
He works by conviction and is dedicated to customer service.
He is very hard working and his customer service is brilliant.
John's customer focus, while striving for optimal efficiency make him a phenomenal customer service rep.
John was always there to those addresses those needs and providing great customer service, very often going far above and beyond of what would be required.
John is true to his word and goes over and above to provide exceptional customer service.
Customers loved him for the level of customer service he provided.
John always offers a reliable and trustworthy service and is focused on providing excellent customer service.
John has provided excellent customer service in the staffing area.
During the past year, he has offered him students and graduates above and beyond customer service.
John provided a level of customer service and dedication that was beyond what was expected.
Somehow he is completely focused on our needs- his level of customer service is extraordinary.
John's dedication to customer service at the highest level is beyond commendable.
John is the definition of role model for customer service for all companies.
His level of customer service and follow through exceeds all expectations.
John insists on the highest level of service and follow for his customers.
He always tried to provide the best level of service to our customers and went above and beyond his duty to ensure that the customer got what they needed to do their job.
He understood customer needs, suggested great ideas and linked the trainer and customer (us) very well.
John is very creative and innovative in his approach to customer service.
His role was also customer facing which enabled him to listen to customer requirements and develop service offerings that we're customer driven.
John was a very dedicated employee that was willing to go above and beyond to provide the best service to our customers.
During that time he has displayed what every customer wants - passion for the service he provides.
I would not hesitate in employing his services as a trainer, or recommending him to others.
John is a wonderful speaker, inspiring trainer for service oriented institutions.
He provides excellent customer service to members and prospects by following up and answering their questions.
He is extremely dedicated to customer service and we look forward to working with him in the future.
John is not afraid of hard work often going above and beyond in the interests of customer service.
I sent him my work and my opinion that we seemed to share an opinion on customer service.
He is excellent in customer service and very creative when it comes to deal-making.
John is an exciting presenter and trainer who brings years of customer service experience to his presentations.
He is very customer focused and went above and beyond to ensure we had the right cookware and trainers across multiple cities.
He earns the trust of his customers, is well respected and is an exceptional facilitator and trainer.
John is an excellent trainer and always went the extra mile for his customers and fellow employees.
He is a very passionate trainer and always keeps the customer in mind while driving any initiative.
John is a brilliant author, speaker, customer service and amazement trainer and coach.
John has proven he will go to extra lengths to provide us with the best customer service possible, before, during and after his placements.
His customer first approach and consistent impeccable service truly set him apart from his peers.
Quick to react to his customers' requirements and passionate about providing an excellent service.
He has a great sense of customer service and can easily distil customer requirements down to their essential parts.
I highly recommend his services if you are looking to advertise or attract new customers.
Him customer service attitude is superior, taking extra steps to ensure him customers' needs are fully understood and quickly met.
To top it all, his customer service level should be a template for like companies.
I had the pleasure of working on many customer service engagements with him in the past.
He was a pleasure to work with and his customer service was above and beyond, keeping the customer's interest in perspective of company initiatives.
In addition to being a service provider, he is also an accomplished trainer on the subject.
He is a great trainer, is always available for questions, pays great attention to detail, and provides great customer service.
His customer service skills are great and he makes you feel really confident about his service he provides.
That respect has many garnering his services as a trainer to other brokers.
Time and time again, he proves that he can be counted on to provide excellent service to the customer.