Customer Success Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Success Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It seems he measures his own success on the success of those he manages.
He doesn't micro manage your responsibilities, but is still successful in getting the most out of his managers.
He can understand customers' needs and assure customers and the company success.
John gets that his job has made his customers more successful.
I would consider his strengths to be customer & people management.
He is very committed to the customer's success and will do everything to make sure the customer needs are met in a timely manner.
He was also exceptional in dealing with some very difficult customer situations and driving these customers to success.
I look for the same balance he was able to create between vendor and customer in all my customers.
He continually built upon past success, turning satisfied customers into loyal customers.
He was great in front of customers and truly wanted to help the customer be successful.
He knows his customers and what they need to be successful and leverages that to ensure the company's success.
He always focuses on the customer, and, not on his own success, and therefore he was very much appreciated.
He was dedicated to his customer's success and always went above and beyond to help them out.
He is superb customer focused and he knows how to get things done to help them be successful.
He focuses on the customers' requirements and gives them exactly what they need for success.
John's commitment to my success, and to the success of the customers we serve, never wavers.
At the end of it all, he truly just wants you as a customer to be successful at what you do.
I have always found him to be dedicated to success for both the company and the customer.
He realized that the customer's needs had to come first for the company to be successful.
He would do well in any situation and keeps on thing in mind always customer success.
His customers always come first, and their success is always his highest priority.
I know it will be successful as he has the best interest of the customer in mind.
John knows how to make sure customers are successful and that prospects know it.
John is successful because he focuses on helping his customers achieve success.
He is very methodical and understands how to make our customers successful.
This combination made him very successful and trustworthy towards customers.
John is dedicated to the success of his customers as well as his teammates.
He was successful in getting our first round of big-name, paying customers.
He knows that the secret to success is to keep the customer satisfied.
John strives to understand his customers well and make them successful.
John strives for success for himself, the customer and his company.
John's insight into the customer needs was fundamental to our success.
John always puts our needs first and is very customer success driven.
He was also passionate and committed about our customers' success.
He is first and foremost committed to the success of the customer.
He always focuses on customer success and not his own gain.
His success comes from focusing on understanding the customer.
He keeps the customer (hiring managers) in mind, in everything he does to ensure success for the right reasons.
An excellent manager of any company focusing on both customer and his team/company satisfaction and success.
John also always manages his customer's expectations very well and over-delivers on what he promises.
John is one of the few guys who can very well manage and fulfill the expectations of the customers.
He is passionate about customer happiness and is an example of an excellent manager.
John was always calm & composed though he managed one of the toughest customers.
John is a very astute manager who is always looking for ways to help his customers.
He always manages to deliver to customers, even when there are complex situations.
He managed the expectations of customers during this transformation effected.
John was always customer focussed and his stakeholder management was excellent.
He is an excellent communicator with both upper management and the customer.
He always managed customer expectations to the highest standards.
He is very proactive and manage the customer deliverable efficiently.
More importantly, he is an expert at managing customer expectations.
His abilities in managing customers and situations are extraordinary.
He has an ability to manage complex customers and make it look easy.
Highly recommended him for any customer-facing management position.
He earns and keep credibility with customers and management alike.
He is an effective manager and very sensitive to customer needs.
John is a very customer oriented person who is dedicated to customer success.
He is committed to complete customer satisfaction and ensures his customers' success through his solutions.
His ease with customers and his commitment to customer success makes him a valuable partner.
He was very successful in customer relations and negotiating with difficult customers.