Customer Support Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Support Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is extremely customer-focused and quickly earns his way into the inner circle, better enabling him to provide support to his customers.
He supported his customers and coworkers with professionalism.
John is always pleasant, always prepared, and always ready to support the customer in any way he can.
He interfaces with candidates and customers and has always provided very good support to an organization.
He is committed to his customers and is an asset to any support organization.
John is a great addition to any customer support organization.
John provided excellent customer support and followed up all issues no matter how complicated to ensure resolution resulting in very satisfied customers.
John has the rare ability to be wildly successful in customer support & satisfaction while balancing the interests of the customer and the company.
The fact that both his colleagues and his customers like him makes him even more effective in supporting advanced equipment for demanding customers.
He is a hands-on customer support person and has great customer empathy.
He was always supportive, creative, efficient and customer driven.
He's amazing with our customers, providing thorough, helpful and expert support.
In this period, he provides excellent support and be recogizated by the customer.
He has supported several large and demanding customers, and received great feedback from the customers, as well as from his colleagues.
He also knows how to engage customers and analysts and get value from these relationships.
Collaborated well with others (internal, partners and customers) and show great leadership in orchestration to support customers.
As a customer advocate, he was tasked to not only resolve support issues, but to increase customer satisfaction.
He was always willing to put in the extra effort to support his customers and they were always appreciative and loyal.
John has the rare gift of having the patience of a saint when it comes to supporting customers.
John has a good sense of customer support, he reacts well to their needs.
In his customer support role, he goes out of his way to ensure complete customer satisfaction and always works to exceed expectations.
John customers speak very highly of him and he has provided excellent support to me in my work with large enterprise customers.
John has always excelled at giving the customers he deals with the very best in support experience.
He goes above and beyond to make sure customers get the support they need and does it in an extremely professional manner.
John has proven to be the ultimate professional with regards to customer support.
Every customer, we supported, loved his professionalism and his abilities.
John did an exceptional job supporting the needs of many internal customers.
Great supports from his side with the suppliers that help us meet the customer requirements and satisfactions.
He was loved by customers as he was able to deliver what they were looking for from a support organization.
Internal customers were his biggest supporters and his credibility rating was high.
He always goes beyond the call of duty to support both customers and peers.
He is very creative and was always supportive of our colleagues and customers, even when his own workload was overwhelming.
He always went the extra step to provide support when needed and kept our customers happy.
He's straight-talking and very credible with customers, press and analysts.
His customer skills are second to none and he is always available for advice and support.
He plans ahead and anticipating customer problem in advanced to archive better customer relationship and support.
He provided superior custom support and advice to my military family.
He is appreciated by colleagues and customers due to his open-minded and supportive demeanour.
John is a great leader and very supportive of my role and my customers.
He makes it easy to support him as he goes the extra mile to build customer solutions and solve customer issues.
He also has established strong relationships with our customer's and built a rapport that gives our customer's the confidence that they are fully supported.
He was admired by his internal customers for the excellent and timely support.
He'd supported me in many projects and together we got many important customers.
John is dedicated to providing his clients with excellent customer support.
John is a young entrepreneur who has good experience of customer support.
John is naturally customer orientated, he is always able to bring the customer perspective and keeps his team highly customer focused.
John is a customer focused and supportive professional, always looking for the best outcome.
John is a highly knowledgeable, thorough and customer-oriented analyst.
His leadership tendencies of exceeding customer expectations filtered throughout his support organization.
He was always available for customer support and solved issues in real time.
You can be assured that you have his full support as you go solve customer challenges.
John really understood and could evangelise to any audience (analysts, press, customers and prospects).
His success is noted by the respect he has achieved with his colleagues, analysts and customers alike.
John is persistent and successful in both analyst responsibilities and customer relations.
Like a good analyst, he truly thinks from the customer's point of view.
John's skills, especially shine when it comes to customer support situations.
John is very customer focused, he articulates customer needs for his team and collaborate with them.
He is customer-obsessed and orchestrates our company team well to support his customers' business.
He has supported me and his team as well as the customers to make sure that all were not only provided with exceptional support, but was also continually improving support and services in all areas.
John is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with the customers he supports.