Customer Support Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Support Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was an intelligent support engineer who always went above and beyond what was required of him to ensure that customer issues were resolved.
John is a diligent engineer that works very hard to support customer's requirement.
John was created in his support of this customer, and they knew their environment was safe and stable with him supporting it.
He was very supportive of me both internally to my organization as well as with my customers.
He was thought of very highly by our customers and supported them very well.
In addition, he supported the engineering team with customer oriented ideas and new features.
The organization became world class customer support due to his leadership, drive, and customer advocacy.
He goes above and beyond when supporting internal and external customers.
John not only gained the confidence of a diverse customer base, but also earned the support of a slew of new customers.
John is a strong customer advocate and provides an exceptional level of customer support and responsiveness.
John was very supportive in launching and supporting the program.
John is an excellent engineer who cares about his customers and he always goes the extra mile to provide the right solution and support for his customers.
His broad range and ability to support our customers as well as our engineers, has been critical for our success over the years.
John is the voice of the customer and knows how to make them come alive to his engineering colleagues.
As an engineer, he is smart and willing to hear what the customer needs.
He is excellent with customers, providing support and in negotiations.
He is well liked and respected by the customers he supported and those that worked with him.
He has always been an advocate for the customers who he has worked with and supported.
John puts in the hours to further his knowledge and support each customer.
He is very knowledgeable, supportive, trusting and great with customers.
John is quite simply the highest order in regards to customer support.
John worked very hard to give the best support to the customers.
He has always been a knowledgeable and supportive customer of mine.
His knowledge, enthusiasm and customer support are first class.
He has a good customer relationship & always ready to support.
Implementation and support challenges were transparent to his internal customers.
He made sure to garner adequate support in his organization, to conclude a deal against all odd to support partner and customer.
John consistently provides superb customer support both internally as well as externally to his customers and partners.
He is very customer focussed and supportive and very committed to doing the best job possible.
John repeatedly demonstrated his dedication for his role and the customers he supported.
He's friendly and always goes the extra mile to provide the best in customer support.
He is full of energy and always supportive to his colleagues and customers.
He can rise to any challenge to support any engineering goals.
Because of his engineering expertise we always had the best solutions from which our customers may choose.
He is well adept in speaking with engineers or customers and everyone in between.
John is an excellent support engineer with great performances and highly appreciated by the company's customers.
He's incredibly supportive of the team around him, and is always focused on doing what's right for his customers.
He never ceases to support his team while pursuing value for his customers.
He is highly customer-centric, and very supportive of his team.
John did this through engaging with new customers and ensuring we had vendor support for opportunities.
John is an exceptional employee who is dedicated, and committed to provide customers with top notch support and customer satisfaction.
John provided consistent leadership in supporting very dynamic needs and situations with complex customers.
He is very diligent in gaining the necessary expertise to support his customers with complete confidence.
He was always responsive and available to answer questions or give support to us as a customer.
John is tireless in his efforts to support his customer and achieve the desired results.
Him level of support was outstanding and he was very responsive to customer needs.
He has provided consistently a great level of support to our customers.
His contributions in setting up process for customer support, for engineering-support interactions have helped mature the organisation greatly.
John is dependable, knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to support his customers.
John is the epitome of integrity, customer support, and reliability.
He is always willing to help engineer and troubleshoot issue's so that customers have very little interruption or downtime.
He was also good at reconciling the customer's needs with the realities of engineering needs and limitations.
John really understands e-commerce and interfaces very well with both engineers and customers.
John engineered our most challenging environments, and he earned the trust of our customers.
John is very dedicated and focused engineer, always ready to help customers and colleagues.
John was an engineer who always puts customer satisfaction at the top of his priorities.
John has always been an excellent engineer, with great customer handling capabilities.
He is a great engineer that any company would want to have to keep customers happy.
He was able to interface with the customers' engineers and bring their needs to us.
John is very good with customers and complex engineering problems alike.