Customer Support Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Support Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has always represented and supported me well during contract negotiations.
He earned everyone's respect for his ability to represent the needs of his customers while simultaneously supporting the goals of the company.
He has also demonstrated his ability to support customers in a very effective manner, thereby earning a trust from customers.
His attention to detail and customer support is beyond the norm.
There were situations he stepped out from his own position, and supported me in engaging my customers.
He always was supportive to meet the customer requirements and bring value on the table.
John is an outstanding employee who focuses on excellent support for his customers.
I valued most him drive, customer orientation and very supportive approach.
He is also very approachable and easy to get on with and engages well with his colleagues and customer representatives.
His ability to tie in our customers needs and represent them throughout the organization was unparalleled.
He represents himself and his company well in front of customers.
His focus has been always to support the company, customers and partners.
John greatly support myself and my customers on all special needs.
John represented our company very well with all of the customers that worked with him.
John is very customer oriented and has always exceeded our expectations on the support he has provided.
John always provided courteous, prompt, and accurate support to both our customers and our partners.
He is always able to provide his customers with the best support and desired results.
He understands customer needs and always supporting us on delivery perspective.
John is viewed upon as a "true partner" by the customers that he supports.
He was willing to put extra effort to provide better customer support.
He always puts forth the effort to support his team and does his best to look out for him customers.
He did this while gaining support from his team, leadership, and him customers.
John is both motivational and supportive and represents the best in coaching.
John always had tremendous ideas and was always supportive of our colleagues and customers, even when his own workload was overwhelming.
John's ability to clearly articulate value and connect that value to how it supports the customer's success was exceptional.
He is very focused on delivering value to his customers, and provides great support after the deal is done.
He is there to support you every step of the way and can address how to solve customers' challenges quickly.
He was extremely thorough in his support addressing customer requirements and questions.
Through his leadership, tech support became incredibly responsive and customer focused.
He has a strong ability to listen to and support what the customer is asking for.
John has solved numerous customer support issues in John and globally.
He gave our customers confidence in us as a company to support them.
John's leadership emphasizes superb communication, dedication and customer support for all stakeholders we support.
He is very customer focused and is the most requested our company representative for customer executive meetings.
John truly cares about the customer and delivering on his promise to provide outstanding customer support.
John has been instrumental to the support team success, bringing customer support to the next level.
He has always supported my team well and worked very well with our customers.
John is one of those rare individuals who also represent the customer voice successfully within the company.
He works hard to gain his customers support and internally represents his customers' needs in a professional matter.
If you have issues at his dealership, he is always there to support the customer and to right the wrong - fairly and with integrity.
He supported partner and customer efforts and did the right thing despite encountering many challenges along the way.
He is always willing to embrace challenges to provide consistent, exceptional support to our customers.
John has always exemplified patience and friendliness in providing outstanding customer support.
Our customers loved him and to this day, they still proudly announce that he is "their" representative.
Going out of his way to support us, this inspired us to go the extra mile for the brands he represented.
He has impressed me with his dedication to his customers in making sure they always received the best possible support.
He supported the growth of his team while balancing the needs of our customer base.
John got on well with all of my team and represented the company superbly both with customers and investors.
His colleagues and his customers appreciate his detailed and knowledgeable support.
John was my primary point of contact during his tenure in the customer support organization.
During that period he supported the customers in my region with outstanding commitment.
John is exemplary in leading the customer support team in their responsiveness to customer issues.
He identified my needs and showed me how he could actually save me and our customers money and his support have been crucial to our success.
He is very passionate about delivering the best he can to support his customers, but is equally great at challenging others where necessary.
John has a remarkable sense of getting his customers to want to support him and his company and they feel guilty if they don't.
He is very sincere and genuine with his level of support and commitment to overall customer satisfaction.
His firm is very technology savvy and has a strong commitment to customer support.
He is very supportive and helpful, even when his own workload was overwhelming, not only to fellow colleagues, but also to his customers and that's how he becomes the trusted advisor for many of his custom
John can influence people with the way he represents his thoughts supporting them with facts and figures.
John was supportive at all times with not only colleagues, but customers who found him both pleasurable to speak with.